Book Recommendations of the Month: March 2021

Two months into 2021 and we already have so many interesting new books! Let’s have a look at what my recommendations are for this month.

Body on the Island by Victoria Dowd

Body on the Island is the second book in Victoria Dowd’s Smart Women series. Ursula Smart(not her real name) and her mum’s book club members (mum included) are stranded on an island. What’s new about being stranded on an island, you ask? Well, one of the passengers on their boat was killed soon after the boat capsized. Ursula witnessed the crime but could do nothing as she was trying to save herself from the gigantic sea waves. Now, they are all on an island – with a killer in their midst. Time’s a ticking. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The Faceless Man by Helen H Durrant.

A teenager is brutally murdered and his body is found on a boat in the middle of a lake. DI Harry Lennox and DS Jesse Wilde search the boy’s room and learn he had identified a serial killer. Did the boy blackmail the killer and hence had to be silenced? Meanwhile, Harry Lennox has a secret of his own. Rumor is that, Harry perished in a fire and his twin Paul’s been calling himself Harry to escape the clutches of a Don.

Discarded by M.A. Hunter

Fourth book in Stephen Edgar aka M.A. Hunter’s Missing Children Case Files series featuring investigative journalist Emma Hunter. Emma’s elder sister Anna went missing two decades ago and was never found. Emma believes Anna’s still around, alive. Busting a child pornography ring takes Emma a step closer to finding her sister – Anna was found in one of the confiscated video tapes. In Discarded, we learn Emma’s been getting mysterious envelopes from an anonymous sender. The clues in the envelope lead Emma to finding the perverts who abused children.

The House of Killers by Samantha Lee Howe

Killing Eve meets Jason Bourne in this brand new series by Samantha Lee Howe. Neva, a serial killer is assigned to kill her fellow members. She realizes few years down the line she too will be hunted. She wants to find the truth behind The Network (her employers). Michael Kensington was recruited to the MI5 while still at college. Thanks to Uncle Andrew’s (Mike’s godfather) influence, Michael works at the Archives. He’s asked to gather details on Neva. As their paths cross, they both realize they weren’t prepared to face the truth…

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