The Faceless Man by Helen H. Durrant

Title: The Faceless Man (DI Harry Lennox/ DS Jess Wilde #2)

Author: Helen H Durrant

Published on: 25 February 2021

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Faceless Man is the second book in Detectives Harry Lennox and Jess Wilde series by Helen H Durrant.

A teenage boy is murdered and his body is set alight to destroy all the evidence. Detectives Harry Lennox and Jess Wilde are assigned to the case. They learn the identity of the boy and find a murder board in his bedroom. He has listed the victims of unsolved murders. There are three photos of people who are still alive – most probably the killer’s next victims – one of them is a blank cut-out with no features. A Faceless Man.

This is the first Helen Durrant book I read but it definitely won’t be the last. Be it the story telling or maintaining the suspense till the end, Helen is one of the best authors out there.


We have the angle of a serial killer and a teenage boy who’s found out the identity of the killer. The story begins with Dean Greenwood(the teenager) meeting the killer. Dean has blackmail in mind while the killer, murder. The chase for finding the serial killer before he strikes again gets nastier with every passing minute.

Harry Lennox has a secret. His twin Paul and his dad were killed in a fire. But Paul’s fiancé is convinced it was Harry who died in the fire and Paul has taken over the identity of Harry to fool the villain who has a reward on Paul’s head.

I really loved the suspense. The mystery behind the serial killings is well-maintained throughout the story. I was on the edge of my seat, curious to know what happens next. The identity of the killer was unexpected and surprising. I had a doubt that a certain somebody might be somehow related to the case (though the reader was made to believe they weren’t) – this has something to do with the identity of the killer.

The Faceless Man is an engrossing, interesting and riveting police procedural. Highly recommended to mystery and thriller fans!

Many thanks to the lovely Nina Kicul from Joffe Books for the ARC.

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