Book Recommendations of the Month: Feb, 2021

I am three days late in posting this but hey, it’s better to be late than never, right? Though this is a Valentine’s month, I will be recommending cozy mysteries. After all, love can also be a reason for murder. Wink Wink.

A brand new cozy series in the market and boy, is it exciting? Fiona Leitch’s debut in A Nosey Parker series featuring an ex-cop-turned-caterer-turned-not-so-amateur-sleuth, (wow, that was quite a mouthful!) Murder on the Menu is a hilarious, wacky and quirky murder mystery. Jodie ‘Nosey’ Parker’s bestfriend Tony (with whom she might have gone on a date or two, only to realize it will never work out) is getting married again. His ex-wife and fiancé get into a cat fight a day before the wedding. Meow! The next day, Jodie finds the ex-wife dead. Enter Handsome Detective and game over! As the story ends, we see Jodie having not one but two admirers. Whom will Jodie choose? Only time will tell…

Malice in Miami is the sixth book in Barbara Ventakaraman’s Jamie Quinn series. Jamie Quinn, a lawyer/amateur sleuth extraordinaire, is ‘magically’ drawn into a case that involves personal injury, a nasty rich person and snakes. Hiss! Where is the romance, you ask? I said, snakes, didn’t I? Well, Kip (Jamie’s beau) goes on a catch-that-damn-python trip post sunset. How romantic is that? If a Florida Man can do anything, so can the snakes!

We also have a ‘romantic’ surprise in the latter half of the book. Ah, now I have your attention, don’t I?

If you are looking for an intoxicating cozy mystery with a dash of naughty, you must give Lucy Lakestone’s Bohemia Bartender mystery series a try. Are you dare enough to try some Risky Whiskey? You better be or you might be Wrecked by Rum! Oh, you definitely do not want to be Vexed by Vodka, or do you? Lucy Lakestone is a versatile writer and I am a huge fan of her Bohemia Bartender mysteries. Sauce-up your cozy read for this month coz love is in the air!

Did I mention we also have the case of a missing treasure in the mix? Oh yeah! Quirky, naughty, cozy and a mystery that keeps you guessing till the end.

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