Colony by Benjamin Cross

Title: Colony

Author: Benjamin Cross

Published on: 28 January 2021

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Archeology professor Callum Ross is at Harmsworth, a remote mist-filled island in the Russian Arctic. He discovers a prehistoric ice mummy preserved for thousands of years in the sub-zero arctic temperature. The mummy’s limbs seems to be torn apart, as if by force.

Callum, with the help of Darya(scientist) and Lungkaju(guide), learns they are not alone on the island. Something is stalking them. Hiding in the mist, observing their every movement. Death toll rises and the mist intensifies, leaving Callum and his mates fighting for survival.

What a fantabulous thriller! Action-packed, bone-chilling, riveting thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. On a side note, we have survived the deadly virus and also been a spectator to the mysterious monoliths. But I certainly hope whatever ‘creature’ is mentioned in this book remains fictional. I suppose we all have had enough of living in a dystopian-novel-like-scenario.

Having read the blurb, I thought this story is all about ‘innocent people caught between the fight of two powerful and rich businessmen’. But, oh my god! A folklore, a sinister secret and evolution plays a major role in shaping whatever is hiding in the mist.


Our main character Callum is perfectly imperfect. His dedication to work has cost him his family. He was assigned to the mission when he was vacationing with his son Jamie. Callum had to leave immediately and Jamie is not happy. Nor is Callum’s ex-wife. When Callum reaches Harmsworth, he’s not sure whom to trust. The wealthy Russian business man who’s in charge of this expedition seems a little shady too.

As days pass by, one of his colleagues goes missing and a search party is sent. Meanwhile, a rival businessman wants to destroy the mission and he has a man on the inside to do the job for him. As people go missing and their mutilated bodies are found later, Callum and his mates realize they are not alone on the island. Also, whatever is hiding in the mist is stalking them and ready to attack when the time is right.

The suspense and the tension are at an all-time high throughout the story. Character development is impressive and the plot to story development is superb. I was hooked on to the story and could not put it down until the end. An action-packed thriller with a dash of horror makes Colony an engrossing read.

As a debut novel, Colony is too good to be true. I absolutely enjoyed every bit of the story and I am certainly looking forward to reading Benjamin Cross’ next book.

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