Cows Can’t Jump by Philip Bowne

Title: Cows Can’t Jump

Author: Philip Bowne

Published on: 24 September 2020

Genre: Young Adult

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Billy works as a grave-digger and is desperate to escape. Still a virgin and no hopes of finding a girl – the only women he meets are in their coffin. His home life isn’t getting any better. His grandpa has decided to marry a women half his age, his dad is obsessed with boxing and his mum might be having an affair. Then comes the EU referendum and things finally change for Billy.

He meets a pretty girl named Eva at the summer school and falls in love with her. After the announcement of Brexit, Eva moves to Switzerland. She asks Billy to join her. Billy gambles all for a chance to be with her again and fails miserably. He does not give up. From hitch-hiking to walking with Syrian refugees, Billy does it all – for love.

Cows Can’t Jump is a coming-of-age novel by debut author Philip Bowne. A smashing debut!


The story begins with Billy wanting to move out – he is not happy with the kind of life he’s been leading so far. His folks are emotionally distant, his grandpa has changed since meeting a woman, he’s ill treated by his fellow gravediggers and his dating life is a zero. Billy is your typical teenager – raging hormones and wanting to do something extraordinary.

Things change when Billy falls in love with Eva. She moves to Switzerland and Billy is heart-broken. He wants to move to Switzerland but has no money. His friend comes up with a plan to gamble – and things go horribly wrong. With whatever money is left, Billy decides to meet his lady love – hitch-hiking with truckers, working at a farm with suicidal cows and walking with the refugees. Throughout the journey, Billy learns something.

Sometimes, life can be a tough teacher and this is what we learn from Cows Can’t Jump. Billy sacrifices everything for love – but was it worth it in the end? Not even once does someone tell Billy ‘you cannot do it’. Billy learns it the hard way.

I read this book in one sitting. I started reading this book post dinner on NYE and as the clock struck 12 (the mouse did not come down), people started bursting crackers but that wasn’t interesting at all! Why? Well, I had this book to keep me company. I started my New Year by reading a hilarious and beautifully-written story so who cares about firecrackers?

Engrossing, entertaining and heart-warming story of a teenaged boy who learns that life is not always a fairy tale.

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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