See Her Die by Melinda Leigh

Title: See Her Die (Bree Taggert #2)

Author: Melinda Leigh

Published on:15 September 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers (Romantic Suspense)

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

See Her Die is the second book in Bree Taggert series by Melinda Leigh.

Bree Taggert, a newly elected sheriff(by default) is called to a shooting incident at the camping grounds. The witness who called 911 is hiding in a closet – a teenage girl named Alyssa. Alyssa claims she saw a man shoot her friend Harper. Bree calls Matt for help. Matt previously worked at the sheriff’s department’s K-9 unit. Soon after Bree’s call, Matt comes with his German Shepard Brody and they start the search for the missing girl and the shooter.

They do not find Harper. Instead, they find another body in the lake. Meanwhile, Matt is asked to look into a missing person – Eli, the grandson of an old lady. Search for Eli takes Matt to Eli’s house in the university campus and Matt soon learns Eli’s roommate has gone missing too.

Another body is found frozen in the lake. Harper is still missing while Alyssa fears the shooter would kill her next. Bree and Matt must act before more bodies turn up.


In the first book of this series – Cross Her Heart – we saw Bree coming to terms with her sister’s murder and finally adopting her sister’s two kids. Dana, Bree’s friend comes over to help her look after Kayla and Luke. We also saw Bree, who was afraid of dogs, adopt a rescue pup as the story ends.

See Her Die starts with Alyssa waking up to a scream. She and her friend Harper are illegally staying at one of the houses in the camping ground. Harper is nowhere to be seen. Alyssa goes out and sees a silhouette of a man – sees him take a shot at Harper.

Bree and her team are called to the scene of crime. Roger, one of the team members has a tough time adjusting to a lady sheriff and he is not secretive about his unpleasantness. Matt, with whom we saw Bree share a spark, is with an overactive pup when he receives a call from Bree. During the search, Brody starts to limp – he had slipped on ice – and is taken to a vet soon after.


The mystery behind the serial killings kept me guessing until the end. As this is a Melinda Leigh novel, it goes without saying the writing is superb. The characters are well developed. A little low on the romance this time – this book falls under the sub-genre of romantic suspense – but it suited me just fine.

We also have a little twist or two. One is regarding Harper’s real identity and the other’s got to do with another case which, as the story proceeds, is linked to the killer and Harper. Bree comes face to face with a pit-bull – she’s terrified of them, thanks to a childhood incident.

As See Her Die is a second book in the series, there are some developments (series plot-wise) – Bree is adjusting to her new life – the one with her sister’s kids. She’s trying to find a balance between family life and work. She’s also coming to terms with her parents’ murder-suicide.

Excellent character development, a mystery that keeps one guessing until the end and a twist or two in the story, See Her Die is a solid addition to the Bree Taggert series.

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