These Little Lies by Gretta Mulrooney

Title: These Little Lies (D.I. Siv Drummond #1)

Author: Gretta Mulrooney

Published on: 5 November 2019

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers (Police Procedural)

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

These Little Lies is the first book in Gretta Mulrooney’s D.I. Siv Drummond series.

D.I. Siv Drummond has moved to Berminster after the death of her husband Ed. First day at work and she’s called to the scene of crime. A woman and a man are found brutally stabbed to death near the river. A photo of a young girl is found on the woman. The victims are not related; they hardly knew each other. But what has the little girl got to do with these killings?


As a first in the series, this book has managed to capture my attention. A little slow start – which is normal for a series debut – but the story picks up pace in the second half.

As much as I liked the mystery – I definitely think Mulrooney has done an excellent job in keeping the suspense maintained until the end – I did not like the characters much. Especially Siv. She seemed a little callous at times. Having said that, I also have to consider the fact that Siv is recently widowed and had a tough childhood – these can be the reasons for Siv’s cold-heartedness – and I hope to see Siv in a better ‘avatar’ in the future books.

There is a lot of unnecessary details that drags the story a tad. Siv’s flashbacks, the other characters’ background and so on. As a first in the series, character introduction is necessary but I felt it was TMI. The first half was, no doubt, very slow. The story picks up pace later on. (To be precise, at around 70% through).

The mystery behind the murders is interesting. We start with one suspect, the husband. He’s portrayed as possessive and it is clear he had issues with his wife’s compulsive behavior. As the story proceeds, we also see a new angle – a possible reason for committing the crime. Then comes the twist – I did not see this coming!

The ending’s good. I could not identify the killer. We also see a bit of drama at the end and this is the best part of the story.

Overall, These Little Lies by Gretta Mulrooney was a good read. A little off on the character portrayal but the mystery was worth it.

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