Red House by Joss Stirling

Title: Red House (Jess Bridges Mystery #3)

Author: Joss Stirling

Published on: 26 November 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Red House is the third book in the Jess Bridges Mystery series. If you like quirky, wacky, tacky, humorous mystery with a touch (or two) of chaos, you will like Jess Bridges. The story alternates between Jess, George and Michael. Though we saw a lot of Michael in the first two books of the series, in Red House, he takes a backseat.

White Horse ended with George canceling his first date with Jess. George went home from the station (he’s a detective) and found his mother at his doorstep. George and his mother have a shaky relationship. She’s a narcissist and would go to any extent to make sure her only son Leo George bears the brunt of it. Jess had no better childhood either. After her stalker dad was arrested (in Black River), she feels a little safe. Michael and Jess have a history – from teacher-student to ex-lovers, they have come a long way. They are now best friends.

Now that I have given you a gist of the characters, let me tell you what Red House is all about. In the posh locality of Oxford, a gardener named Marigold Green finds a skeleton buried under the tree. Detective Leo George is called in to investigate. The gardener says none of the neighbors are friendly, except for the new house-sitter next door. The owner of the house (in which the remains were found) is a Russian oligarch.


If you haven’t guessed who the friendly house-sitter next door is, she’s none other than our wackalicious Jess Bridges. She and her pet dog Flossie have moved next door. After George canceling their first date, Jess and George were on radio silence mode. But here we are, a month later, Jess and George – Jess as the next door house-sitter; just a few meters away from the crime scene.

We readers have been teased enough in the past two books when it comes to matters of the heart. Jess and Leo(George), sparks fly but are doused soon after. Humph! How about in this book? Well, well, I must say I was happy to see some action at last! *wink wink*. Speaking of which, Michael has moved on too, a nice surprise here in the romance department concerning Michael and someone else. 😀

The mystery is simply fantastic. The owner of the house is not in touch with his ex-wife or the kids. His lawyer is acting a little edgy. Meanwhile, a fraud company claiming to be agents no longer exist – as in, phone numbers do not work, the office premises no longer exists, blah blah. Problem is, Jess was hired as a house sitter by these guys. And so was our gardener Marigold.

Julia Golding aka Joss Stirling is a versatile writer. Having read the first three books of this series, I must say the plot(series) is consistent and with each new book, the story keeps on getting better and better. The character portrayal is marvelous and there is a lot of fun and mystery in each book of this series.

Red House is, no doubt, an engrossing, entertaining and riveting page-turner. Also, did I not mention this is my new favorite in the series. 🙂 So go ahead, read the book if you haven’t and you will not be disappointed.

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