2021 Alphabet Soup Challenge

Alphabet Soup Challenge is hosted by Lori Caswell. For more details on the challenge, visit her website here.


My List:

A: Death on the Aisle by Kate Johnson

B: Bag of Bones by Jackie Layton

C: Cake Popped Off by Kim Davis

D: Death by Dissertation by Kelly Brakenhoff


F: Fair Trade by Heather Day Gilbert

G: A Glimmer of Death by Valerie Wilson Wesley

H: How to Frame a Fashionista by Debra Sennefelder


J: Jackal and Hide by Victoria Tait

K: A Will to Kill by RV Raman

L: Legally Blind Luck by James J Cudney

M: Mistaken Identity Crisis by James J Cudney

N: The No2 Feline Detective Agency by Mandy Morton

O: Open for Murder by Mary Angela

P: A Pocket Full of Pie by Mandy Morton


R: Rhino Charge by Victoria Tait

S: A Sprinkle of Sabotage by Fiona Leitch

T: Treasure Most Deadly by Terry Ambrose

U: Upstaged by Murder by Grace Topping

V: Vanilla Bean Vengeance by Agatha Frost

W: Wheeler Dealer by Rita Moreau

X: A Hex for Danger by Esme Addison