The Murder Club by Nikki Crutchley

Title: The Murder Club (Miller Hatcher #2)

Author: Nikki Crutchley

Published on: 31 August 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

When Miller Hatcher, a journalist, receives an anonymous letter saying ‘tonight it begins’, she ignores it. Then, a body of a woman is found. She’s strangled with a scarf around her her neck. Another anonymous letter arrives, this time claiming they did it – killed the woman and there’s more to come. She goes to Kahu, a DS she previously worked with in Castle Bay. Kahu is currently handling the murder case.

Cassie Hughes is in her early twenties and is about to be released from a rehab center. Her mother disappeared when Cassie was 10. Fourteen years later, the remains of her mother were found in an abandoned dairy factory. The police are lead to believe Karl Taylor is the killer. So off goes Cassie in search of all Karl Taylors in New Zealand. The last ‘encounter’ with a certain Karl went off-hand and Cassie was moved to a rehab. Months later, she’s ready to start a new life. She’s even found a lover while in rehab – Tiffany. Cassie and Tiff are waiting to start their new journey together.

Logan Dodds is a forty-something true crime enthusiast. A little weird since his sister’s murder, Logan takes a liking to Miller’s previous brush with crime (The events at Castle Bay, the first book in this series). His newest ventures, True Crime Tours must pick some momentum and what better way to gain publicity than an article in the local newspaper?


The Murder Club is the second book in the Miller Hatcher series. Though it can be read as a standalone, there are numerous references to Miller’s brush with crime at Castle Bay. As the book is available in the KU catalog, I am eager to read Miller’s first adventure.

The Murder Club is a solid suspense thriller. Gone are the days when the main character is portrayed as ‘perfect’. Meet Miller Hatcher, a journalist, ex-alcoholic-now-sober, and struggling to fight the demons of her past. Kahu, her buddy from Castle Bay and the in charge of the murder cases in Lentford, is coming to terms with the loss of his wife.

Meanwhile, Cassie is still searching for her mother’s killer. And Logan is obsessed with true crime. Imperfectly perfect characters trying to come to terms with their past is the main theme of this story. It doesn’t end here. The killer is obsessed with Miller’s story on Castle Bay and wants her to write about him. He sends her a letter after each crime. The sleepy little town suddenly gains a lot of media attention – thanks to the serial killer.

Without giving out more details of the crimes, I would like to say, the suspense is well-maintained throughout the story. Nikki Crutchley is a master storyteller. The Murder Club is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Very well-portrayed characters and the identity of the killer is unexpected. Halfway through the story, I thought I had identified the killer. Oh-hum, boy, was I wrong? So, so wrong!

The Murder Club by Nikki Crutchley is a highly recommended read.

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