A Sew Deadly Cruise by Lois Winston

Title: A Sew deadly Cruise (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries #9)

Author: Lois Winston

Published on: 1 October 2020

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Anastasia Pollack, our favourite amateur sleuth is back!

In the previous book – Handmade Ho Ho Homicide – we saw Anastasia and Zach take their relationship a step further. They are now happily engaged and the whole family is up for a cruise – trip courtesy Ira. Ira is Ana’s ex-husband’s half-brother. Ira and his three hooligan kids, Ana and her two sons, Zach, Ana’s mama and commie mother-in-law are to take the cruise. Alex, Ana’s son asks his girlfriend Sophie and her dad Shane to join them on the cruise.

At the last minute, Ira falls sick and he and his three kids decide to stay back. A stranger asks Ana about her engagement ring on the cruise. She ignores him but he appears again a few hours later and enquires about the ring. Soon, Ana learns his real identity. Meanwhile, a lecherous man falls to his death – or so it seems as the Captain of the ship tries to shoo it off as accidental death.


A Sew Deadly Cruise is the ninth book in Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery series by Lois Winston.

I came across this series when I read Handmade Ho Ho Homicide last year and I must say, I really like the theme of this cozy series. A magazine editor working as an amateur sleuth, juggling between her career, family and solving crimes, and possible dating(now engaged) to a man who works for an alphabet agency (FBI/CIA/NSA).

For a newbie to the series, it might seem like there are too many names to remember. As the story proceeds, we see each of them play a significant role. Lois encapsulates these characters into the story so well that you will not find it difficult to remember who’s who.

I absolutely enjoyed reading every bit of A Sew Deadly Cruise. We see the family (trying to) spend a quite week on the cruise. Where Anastasia goes, crime follows. Sometimes she feels she’s the Typhoid Mary of murders. Can’t blame the poor ol’ girl now, can we?


The mystery behind the strange man (who enquired about the ring) is sure to keep you guessing until the end. Ana’s mama is known for her long list of (ex)husbands. The latest one – ex, of course, is sulking in jail. But mama is on the prowl for husband number 8. She finds a new toy-boy on the ship – this one has a fake British accent.

There is more than one mystery for Ana and Zach to solve. Secrets and skeletons of the past are sure to tumble down on opening the proverbial closet. The red herrings and twists are sure to keep on the edge of their seat. Less of cozy and more of mystery and twists, this book is was an absolute delight to read.

Though a ninth in the series, A Sew Deadly Cruise can be read as a standalone. A highly recommended read from me.

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