Tusk Justice by Victoria Tait

Title: Tusk Justice (A Kenya Kanga Mystery #2)

Author: Victoria Tait

Published on: 9 October 2020

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

A summit on poaching at Mount Kenya Resort and Spa goes horribly wrong when the keynote speaker is stabbed to death. Mam Rose and her husband Craig are at the resort – Mama Rose is asked by the hotel manager to solve a delicate matter. For the past six months, things have gone missing from the hotel – small packets of nutella and breads to guests reporting theft of their valuables.

When Davina Dijan is found murdered, Commissioner Akida asks Mama Rose to join hands with Constable Wachira in solving the case. The victim was no saint – thus gathering handfuls of enemies in the past few years. But who would have hated her so much that they wanted her dead? Mama Rose investigates.

Tusk Justice is the second book in Victoria Tait’s Kenya Kanga Mystery series.


Mama Rose is back! Kenya setting, a strong message on elephant poaching and two crimes to solve, what’s not to love about this wonderful mystery.

When Mama Rose was asked by the hotel manager to help solve the petty thefts, never did she think she would come face to face with a sinister. The summit is in full spring and everything is going as planned. Rose becomes a part of a baby elephant’s rescue and that is when she first met Davina.

Davina is nasty enough but Mama Rose always sees the good in everyone. But days later when she sees Davina lying on the hotel bed with a knife wound to her neck, Mama Rose is drawn to solving the mystery behind the murder.

Petty thefts and murder, Mama Rose has two cases to solve – the murder case is jointly handled by Constable Wachira and Rose. Recurring characters in the story include Thabiti, Joel, Chloe, Constable Wachira, Sam, Kipto and Commissioner Akida. Rose’s husband Craig too plays a major role in the story.

Mama Rose is also in for a surprise or two. I definitely think Ms Tait has outdone herself with Tusk Justice. The character development is very good and we readers are spoilt for choice with not one but two mysteries to solve. Not just that, Mama Rose also has a mystery or two of her own – related to her past.


I wouldn’t compare Mama Rose to Miss Marple. Let me explain. Why do I have to say Mama Rose is the next Miss Marple when Mama Rose can be the new elderly amateur sleuth in town? Mama Rose certainly has her own identity and need not be compared to someone else. Mama Rose is the best!

Strong characters and a strong message about poaching are the best parts of this series. Set in Kenya, the rich culture and the vibrant colors of the Kanga cloth make this story ( and the series) an enjoyable and engrossing read. I certainly cannot get enough of this wonderfully rich and vibrant series.

Coming back to the mystery, the identity of the perp kept me guessing. We have the motive for murder – which becomes clearer as the story proceeds and Mama Rose discovers a secret about the victim. The mysteries surely kept me hooked on to the story. Mama Rose’s familial issues adds a personal touch to the story.

Excellent storytelling, no doubt about it. A brilliantly concocted mystery that keeps you guessing till the end, I highly recommend you to read Tusk Justice by Victoria Tait. If you are new to the series, I recommend you start with the first book – Fowl Murder.

Fowl Murder and Tusk Justice are currently on a discounted price. For more details and offers on the books, check Victoria Tait’s website here.

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