Brownies and Bloodshed by Agatha Frost

Title: Brownies and Bloodshed (A Peridale Café Cozy Mystery #19)

Author: Agatha Frost

Published on: 3 December 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brownies and Bloodshed is the 19th book in Peridale Café Cozy Mystery Series by Agatha Frost.

We have finally arrived at the D-Day. Her quirkiness Grandma Dot and Percy are getting hitched. The wedding theme is a surprise and when the ‘costumes’ are revealed, everybody is in for a huge surprise. Let me not spoil the review by revealing the wedding theme for those who are yet to read this book.

The evening before the wedding, the Souths and the Croppers finally meet. Percy’s younger brother Eugene has arrived with his husband Marley while Percy’s elder brother Ian’s (who is not invited to the wedding) children Thomas and Helen are there too. Julia and family gets to meet the Croppers before the bride and groom arrive for dinner.

Speaking of family, in the previous book, we saw Brian and Katie forced to sell their house, thanks to their debts. They move in with Julia and Barker. The lovely and comfy cottage is now in a mess and Vinnie seems to be practicing for the screaming contest! (Teething problems)

The wedding goes as planned and everybody has gathered for the dance. Julia is roped in for a vanishing act when she discovers Ian lying dead. Percy disappears from the scene of crime.

Brownies and Bloodshed is definitely making its way into my Best of Peridale Cafe Series list. We have a whole lotta mystery and suspense in this book.

Julia has come a long way since the story began. From finding love to expecting a baby, I really like the way Agatha Frost is portraying the main character of this series. Jessie, the homeless girl whom Julia adopted has now moved to her own rented place.She broke up with her boyfriend Billy and in the previous book, we saw Billy leaving Peridale to join the army.

Percy Cropper’s family brings a lot of mayhem to Peridale. Percy and his elder brother Ian do not see eye to eye. And yet, the day before the wedding, Ian joins their dinner party. This leads to a tiff and Percy walks out in a fit of rage. The wedding goes as per plan – kudos to Grandma Dot for coming up with a magnificent wedding theme! Well, the wedding goes as per plan until Ian is found dead.

To add to the murder mystery is a mysterious American roaming around in Peridale, asking about Ian and his family. Barker lost his publishing contract two months ago. Though Jessie jokingly said Barker would become a P.I., it looks like Barker took it pretty seriously. He decides to be a P.I. and solving Ian’s murder is his first case, or so he thinks… until the clues he found about the Croppers drifts the Souths and Croppers away.

Without giving away major plot twists, I would say I was really surprised at the amount of suspense Agatha Frost has brought about in this story. A little low on the cozy element but a very good take on the mystery.

The story ends with Dot and Percy asking Julia and Barker to join them on their honeymoon. I am guessing the next book will be based on the mystery Julia and Barker would solve while on their honeymoon. Fingers Crossed!

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5 thoughts on “Brownies and Bloodshed by Agatha Frost

    1. To be frank, the latest books in this series are not good. I will give one last chance before deciding to stop following this series.

      1. Oh no… I think after 10 books they should start another series. I started with book 1. Found it slightly slow so kept it for another day

      2. Book 1 of any cozy is slow. But yes, I agree with you. After ten or fifteen books, the author must end the series or it becomes too boring. Some cozy series have 64+ books. :O ( I saw one or two on KU)

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