Ransomed by M.A. Hunter

Title: Ransomed (The Missing Children Case Files #1)

Author: M.A. Hunter

Published on: 10 September 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Emma Hunter, an investigative journalist, never thought her book on sexual abuse at a children’s home would top the charts soon after its release. The perpetrators have been sentenced to jail and justice is delivered and along the way, Emma found a friend in one of the survivors.

Emma is approached by Lord Fitzhume. He wants her to look into his granddaughter’s kidnapping case. It’s been a year since little Cassie was snatched on her way back home from a birthday party. The kidnapping seemed pre-planned as the attackers launched a grenade on the car Cassie and her mother were in. Two days later, a ransom demand was made and Cassie’s parents paid the money. But Cassie never returned home…

Oh my god, this book! What an incredible start to a brand new mystery series. Excellent writing and mind-blowing suspense!

Our protagonist, Emma Hunter has a past. Her sister Anna went missing one afternoon and she was never found. Anna (9) and Emma (7) were playing in the garden and the two sisters had a minor argument. Anna walked off to grandma’s place (4 houses away) and that was last thing Emma remembers about her sister. A few minutes later, when their parents found out Anna never reached grandma’s house, they started to panic. Twenty years later, Emma still blames herself for letting Anna leave the house in a fit of anger.

When Lord Fitzhume asks Emma to investigate, she initially refuses. But the old man doesn’t take a no for an answer. Pushed by her publicist and literary agent Maddie, and best-friend Rachel, Emma is slowly drawn in the mysterious kidnapping of Cassie.

Emma learns how broken the little girl’s family is. The mother depends on pills to keep herself emotionally stable while the father is into drugs and men.

As the story proceeds, we see new clues come into light – some show the level of corruption in the force while a few others lead Emma to a dead-end. Then comes the twist. An unexpected twist that takes the story on a whole new level of suspense. I was like, wow!

The aforementioned twist makes Emma more determined to get to the bottom of this case. When things are finally revealed, Emma discovers a sinister reason behind the little girl’s kidnapping and the botched up rescue efforts.

The story ends with a tiny cliffhanger. We see some progress in Emma trying to find her missing sister. I cannot wait to read the next book! M.A. Hunter’s storytelling is mind blowing. The suspense is well-maintained throughout the story and the character development is simply perfect. If you are a mystery and suspense lover, look no further, Ransomed by M.A. Hunter is a must-read book of the year.

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