Interview with Kelly Brady Channick

Kelly Brady Channick is the author of Asbury High Mystery series – a YA Cozy Mystery series featuring four teenagers.

Hello Kelly and welcome to my blog, The Book Decoder. Please tell me and my readers about yourself.

Hi! My name is Kelly Brady Channick and I love writing and reading mysteries of all kinds. Growing up in South Jersey, I was fortunate to live five minutes from the beach and was always either outside playing sports or reading books. Basically, I loved staying active physically and mentally. After graduating college with a basketball scholarship, I taught middle school math and science for three years and then first grade for two years, before having my own little guy and being fortunate enough to stay at home with him. It was during my last year teaching that my husband finally convinced me to pursue my writing career. What can I say, Ryan is the best! After reworking and rewriting, I realized he was right and there was no reason to keep putting off my dreams any longer. Thus, this past February I released my first book, with the sequel following in June and the third one due out in September. 

Although I have outlined my entire Asbury High series, I also have other projects in the works, including an adult crime novel which should be out within the next two years. 

Right now, I am just happy to connect with readers and hear their thoughts on my YA cozy mystery. I love that there aren’t too many YA cozies, but I feel like this is a genre which many YA readers would truly enjoy, as it would give them a light and fun break from reality (while also being believable!).

What is the inspiration behind writing the Asbury High series?

When I was 18, my parents were going through a divorce and I was about to go away to college in the fall. Therefore, when I purchased my first laptop early in the summer, I realized I had a story that had been banging around in my head for years. At the time, supernatural stories were very hot and I was missing some good old fashioned and realistic mysteries. Therefore, I sat down and wrote the entire book! Of course, as the years went on I added to and adapted it.

How many books have you planned to write in this series?

This book is a seven part series, with each book already mapped out. I always admired JK Rowling’s ability to sprinkle subtle hints and clues throughout her series, and I tried to follow suite. Therefore, in the first book there are definitely some Easter eggs regarding later books in the series. In fact, some of the readers have mentioned the first book being a bit slower than the second, and while I know part of it was world-building and character introduction, I am excited for them to finish the series and realize that every conversation (no matter how mundane) was actually important.

Let’s talk about the latest book – Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison. What is the story about? Can you tell us more?

The Parcels of Poison picks up where Asbury High and the Thief’s Gamble leaves off, with lifetime best friends, Carly, Maddie, Pilot and Cornelius starting their summer vacation. As the four fifteen year olds live in the beach town of Asbury, summer is always busy and full of shoobies (tourists). While they just finished an unprecedented freshman year, where they worked together and solved the string of burglaries rampaging their town, they are content with taking it easy this summer. Unfortunately, when their favorite restaurant, Brady’s, is under suspicion of food poisonings, the gang realizes it’s up to them to save the day. However, they uncover more than they bargained for and realize the motivation for such illnesses is more sinister than anyone imagined. 

What are you currently working on?

I just wrapped up my final edits on the fifth book in the series and started writing book six. Because I outlined each book in advance (before writing book 1), it’s been easier to jump into each story, while adding things that may have changed along the way. 

How does a day in Kelly Brady Channick’s life look like?

Honestly, it’s a full day! I wake up around 5:45 and go for a run and either lift or do yoga. Then I quickly make my husband lunch and also breakfast for my one year old, husband and myself. After eating we all hang out for an hour, before Ryan heads to work. After reading and playing with my son, we usually go for a half hour walk before his first nap. While he naps, I do some book work (whether that’s writing or marketing and research). When the first nap is over, we all play outside and just play in general for about three hours, before my son takes his two hour nap. At this point, I’ll do any chores I need to catch up on and then do some more book work. Around 4, I’ll make dinner—which we all eat as a family once Ryan gets home. After which, we play, go on another walk, give our big guy a bath, read a book and put him down. Then Ryan and I have about two hours together to relax. I make sure to read a little and journal every single day (since I was 12!).

Thank you, Kelly. 🙂

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