Return to Cornwall by Laura Briggs

Title: Return to Cornwall (A Wedding in Cornwall)

Author: Laura Briggs

Published on: 1 September 2020

Genre: Romance, chick-lit

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

After twelve novellas and a Christmas story, Laura Briggs is back with her famous romantic novella series – A Wedding in Cornwall. Return to Cornwall is a reunion story. Julianne Rose, an American event planner who moved to Cornwall for good is now a mother of two kids. She shares a cozy cottage with her charming and handsome husband Matthew.

Julianne has her own event-planning business which she runs with the help of her assistant Kitty. Kitty’s husband Nathan is an American. He moved to Cornwall for good to live with his lady love. We also see Lady Amanda, the mistress of the Cornish manor. She’s currently expecting her second child.

Things are going as usual in the cozy little village until the Earl of the manor returns. Lady Amanda and her husband William are the rightful owners of the manor and everybody around had assumed William’s grandfather, Percy had passed on. It so turns out that Percy is here for a reason.

At 400+ pages, this is a full-sized novel but do not let the number of pages give you a fright because this book is the perfect combination of warm, charm and everything nice.

I absolutely love Laura Briggs’ novels and novellas. I have been following the other series – A Hotel in Cornwall (which is coming to an end very soon) and I am a huge fan of her writing. There’s something about Laura’s writing that captivates the readers and takes them to a magical place.

In the first half of the book we see Julianne leading a normal life. Well, by normal I mean, the usual – running after toddlers, managing the business and ladies night at the pub.

Percy arrives at the scene and so does the archeological team. Some form of evidence is found in Cornwall and the archeological team is eager to start digging. After his wife’s death, Percy spent most of his life traveling. Archeology had always been his passion and soon after his death, he found no reason to stay behind and started to pursue his passion. Call it destiny or otherwise, he met the archeological team (who are currently at Cornwall) and found not just his love for the subject but also his lady love.

Yes, you read that right. Percy might be an octogenarian but his love for the professor is true. As soon as the members of the manor recover from the shock (that granddad is marrying again), preparations for the wedding happen in full swing.

All well that ends well, right? But there is a twist to the story. Julianne comes across someone who slowly turns out to a pain in the backside. You know how some people never take no for an answer – in fact, they take a ‘no’ as a challenge. In the second half of the story, we see Julianne at the receiving end of one such person.

If you are a sucker for slow, warm and fuzzy romance, Return to Cornwall is the perfect book for you. Cozy and charming setting, excellent writing and a warm-hearted romance, this book is simply gorgeous.

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