Monthly Wrap-Up

I am a little late in posting this. I was too lazy to type something yesterday. I won’t say “I can’t believe September is here” because in four months time, it will be 2021 – or, so I hope. πŸ˜› I mean, it is possible whoever does the calendar changing thingy might feel bad for us and say, here you go, you all get another try at 2020. πŸ˜€

Okay, this shows how bonkers I am going sitting at home the whole time and counting ants. Did I say ants? I think I meant pants… or, was it rants?

I think I went a little overboard last month with the whole Dalek thing. Anyhoo, if the Daleks found you and you are no longer a human being, this is my message for you. Please EXTERMINATE all the strains of coronavirus for good. As a (not) supreme power of the universe, put yourselves to use and do something good for once.

Moving on, August has been a pretty okayish month for me. I went through a reading slump and yet managed to read 22 books. I really do not know or remember reading 22 books. It might have been the other Rekha I told you about in the previous monthly update…

Speaking of books, I have an announcement. I don’t think I will be continuing BCCC from next year. If anyone wants to take over, let me know. If not, this is the last year the challenge would run (a 5k marathon)…

I created a pinterest account (you can find the link to my account on the sidebar). For now I only use it to “pin” my blog posts – whatever that means. And of course, I read all the stupid, funny and idiotic stuff – total waste of valuable time if you ask me. Nevertheless… *shrugs*

It’s been six months since the lockdown, how paranoid are you?

Oh yeah, remember to wipe the anti-virus with sanitizer after it finishes the scan. Very important!!

Meanwhile… some of us have had symptoms for years now… πŸ˜‰


I kept the best for the last. πŸ˜€

We are well aware of the emphasis on wearing gloves and masks… apparently, not so much on la ropa.

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  1. I love your sense of humor and wit! You detoxify all the bad stuff from 2020 and remind us escaping into a good book is the best medicine. Bob
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