A Seagull Summer by Jane Lovering

Title: A Seagull Summer (Seasons by the Sea #2)

Author: Jane Lovering

Published on: 6th August 2020

Genre: Romance, Humor

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Before I start with the review, I could like to confess something. Books like these are turning me from an a-romantic nobody to hopeless romantic. Credit goes to the lovely authors like Jane who make people like me believe in second chances. ❤

Oh my god, this book! I cannot stop gushing about it. I am probably going to remember this story forever! I could relate to the main character Leah. Like, totally relate! Well, except for the fact that I haven’t found my Brendon yet and I am not being ‘haunted’ by a seagull… not yet, at least. 😉

How would you know what love is when you have never been loved? As children, we always looked up to our parents for emotional needs. We have done things to make them happy – even if it meant sacrificing our happiness. This is how growing in a dysfunctional family looks like. Neglected as a child and having to act like an adult from a very young age has taken a toll on Leah’s emotional intelligence.

She’s thinks the whole world is out to get to her, people she’s met so far have taken advantage of her, she has to be grateful to her single mum for having raised her so she feels it is her duty to ‘return the favor’. I had tears in my eyes as I read through the fights Leah had to put up with.

Leah’s only best friend Claire passed away last year and Leah’s still coming to terms with it. Leah’s mum doesn’t understand or respect the boundaries Leah’s set for her. When Leah meets a handsome Australian Brendon, things start to look better.

Leah has trust issues but as the story proceeds, we see Brendon being there for Leah – even a small gesture like holding her hand or saying ‘I understand’ means a lot to her. Leah has her assistant Tass by her side – Tass recognizes themselves as gender-fluid. We see a little of the bond that Tass and Leah share – they even stand up for her when things go bad in the ‘mom’ department.

As the story ends, we do see a little bit of fire (literally) and how Brendon makes his way into Leah’s life. Coming to the humor part of the story, we have Roger. Nope, not Roger the rabbit. Here we have Roger the seagull. Brendon is terrified of the nutter bird. I mean who wouldn’t be – Roger follows them everywhere! I definitely would feel like I was on a horror movie set if a birdie followed me everywhere – even at night!

A mix of humor and romance, I absolutely loved reading A Seagull Summer. If I have to describe this book in a word, I would say “Gorgeous”. Absolutely lovely and uplifting romcom. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. It goes without saying I highly recommend this book. With the global pandemic situation, I surely think we could do with some feel-good reads like this one. 🙂

Many thanks to Duckworth Books and NetGalley for the ARC.

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