Cozy debuts of 2020: Part 4

Little Bookshop of Murder by Maggie Blackburn (Beach Reads Mystery #1)

When Summer Merriweather’s mother dies of a heart attack, Summer is impatient to sell her mum’s embarrassingly romance-themed bookshop. Summer finds threatening notes written to her mother. Was her mother murdered?

Risky Whiskey by Lucy Lakestone (Bohemia Bartenders Mystery #1)

Mixologist Pepper Revelle is more than excited to join the elite Bohemia Bartenders for a cocktail convention. But on the day of the event, Pepper finds one of the bar-helps lying unconscious in their room with an empty bottle of Whiskey by their side. Pepper and the leader of the Bohemia Bartenders Neil soon discover the whiskey was poisoned.

Fowl Murder by Victoria Tate (A Kenya Kanga Mystery #1)

Kenya, 2016. Semi-retired vet Rose Hardie just wants to enjoy her golden years and care for her disabled husband. But her peace of mind shatters when a forgotten confidant returns and reopens a case where Rose pulled the trigger. With her memories of the poacher’s shocking death flooding back, she barely catches her breath before her childhood friend is brutally murdered.

On Borrowed Crime by Kate Young (A Jane Doe Book Club Mystery)

Lyla Moody works as a receptionist for her uncle’s PI firm. The true-crime obsessed Jane Doe club members are the kinds of friends she’s always wanted. But things go horribly wrong when one of the club members is killed, stuffed into a suitcase and left at Lyla’s front door.


Grounds for Murder by Tara Lush (A Coffee Lover’s Mystery #1)

When Lana Lewis’ best employee quits, her chances of winning the Sunshine State Barista Championship goes down drastically. Lana picks up a fight in public with an arrogant java slinger. The next day, the man is found dead under a palm tree in the alley behind Lana’s cafe and Lana becomes the main suspect.

Murder Most Sweet by Laura Jensen Walker (A Bookish Baker Mystery #1)

Everyone in Lake Potawatomi, Wisconsin, knows Teddie St. John. Tall, curly-haired Teddie is a superb baker, a bohemian bon vivant, and a mystery writer. Teddie is walking her American Eskimo dog, Gracie, when her four-legged friend finds Teddie’s missing silk scarf. Only problem: the scarf is tied tightly around the neck of a beautiful blond woman, the fiancée of a touring British author.

A Shot of Murder by J.A Kazimer (A Lucky Whiskey Mystery #1)

Charlotte Lucky returns to Gett, Florida to save her family distillery from going under. Things go haywire when she finds a pickled corpse in a barrel and her grandfather is arrested for murder.

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