Quiche of Death by Mary Lee Ashford

Title: Quiche of Death (A Sugar and Spice Mystery #3)

Author: Mary Lee Ashford

Published on: 21st July 2020

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sugar Calloway and Dixie Spicer are back! The Arbor family wants to launch their cookbook; Sugar and Dixie are called in to their family-owned B&B for a weekend meet and taste feat. The only grandchild of the Arbors, Theo arrives with his stylish fiance` Colette and her dog Frenchie.

The next morning, Sugar goes out for a walk and finds Colette dead.

Sightless violet eyes stared back at me; perfectly platinum hair was matted with blood. She must have hit her head when she fell. But I didn’t think it was the head wound that had killed Colette.

I was pretty sure it was the arrow sticking out of her chest.

Quiche of Death is the third book in Sugar and Spice Mystery series but can be read as a standalone. After reading the second book in the series – Risky Biscuits-I was eagerly waiting to see what’s next for Sugar and Dixie.

Sugar and Spice mystery series has made its way to my favourite cozy series list. Likeable characters, a mystery that keeps one guessing till the end, excellent storytelling and a dash of quirkiness.

The mystery element is a little slow in the first half of the book. Sugar finds the body of Colette early in the morning. What’s more shocking is the way the Arbors handle the death – only Theo seems to be grieving for the loss of his fiance`.

Colette’s dog Frenchie seems to have a taken a liking for Sugar so the second time Sugar visits the Arbors, she’s sent home with Frenchie in toll. Well now, we know a dog and a cat never get along well. Ernest, Sugar’s cat dislikes Frenchie from the very moment Sugar sets down the dog crate. The cat-dog fight ends with a broken vase or two…


Coming back to the mystery behind the murder, like I said before, the story is a little slow in the first half. But do not let it disappoint you. The twists and boom (quite literally) in the second half of the story is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The reason behind the murder (and some more related crimes) was shocking. We have heard of the saying – “People have been killed for less…” Do I need to say more?

Sugar doesn’t know much about her father’s family as he was adopted. One of the members of the Arbor family is a genealogist and they help Sugar with how to start going about. Will Sugar finally find her late father’s long-lost family? Only time will tell. Also, the relationship between Sugar and her friend/more-than-friend Max brings a touch of romance to the story. Sheriff Terry and Dixie have started making goo-goo eyes in the public so there goes two birds with one cupid’s arrow. Hum!

Quiche of Death is an engrossing and entertaining cozy mystery with a dash of quirk. Let me not forget to mention Sugar’s excellent sense of direction (sarcasm) ;).

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