New Rules by Lily Hayden

Title: New Rules

Author: Lily Hayden

Published on: 14th June 2020

Genre: Chick-lit/ Women’s Fiction

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kate has it all – a wonderful career, a loving family and a promotion in the bag, She knows what it takes to have it all. Meanwhile, Ellie, Kate’s colleague, is just the opposite. She’s with a man who uses her as a doormat. Her career is stagnant and nobody gives a damn about her at work.

Ellie is paired with Kate for the mentoring program. Ellie finds Kate to be harsh while Kate thinks Ellie is a good-for-nothing. Soon, Kate’s life comes tumbling down and she tries to bring Ellie down with her.

Though this book comes under the genre of chick-lit/women’s fiction, I definitely feel every one must read it. If you were/are an employee, I am pretty sure you could relate to a thing or two from this story.

Kate’s colleague Garth is jealous of her success. He tries high and lo to bring her down – emotionally and by hiding important discussions with her. Ellie feels stuck at her career and nobody takes her seriously. What she goes through at work is borderline sexual harassment.

When Kate and Ellie’s worlds collide, sparks fly. The two women do not get along instantly. Ellie also thinks it is none of Kate’s business to interfere in her life – which is true, by the way. Kate was acting up a bit too much, if you ask me. Ellie also has a tough time making firm decisions – this includes her love life. Josh is using her and yet she cannot make up her mind to throw him out of her life for good.

In any book I read, I usually look out for how characters with issues (low self-esteem, problems at home, etc) grow out of their comfort zone as the story ends. Kate and Ellie’s lives change for the best as the story ends. I am really impressed by this. In spite of what they both went through, they fight it together. Kate knows the rules she followed so far do not work anymore and no matter how hard her ego tries to reject it, she makes up her mind and finally does what she’s always wanted to. In brief, I can say ‘Sometimes all we need is a kick in the ass to direct us to the right path.’ 😉

Lily Hayden has explored real-life scenarios in this book. Like I said before, I could relate to whatever problems the two characters went through. Like Kate and Ellie, there are many women who face challenges in life and career. We all mistakes but what we learn from our mistakes is what decides our future – either make it or break it kinda scenario.

I highly recommend New Rules by Lily Hayden. This was surely one of the best books I have read this year. I cannot wait to read more of Ms Hayden’s works.

Many thanks to the lovely Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for the blog tour invite.

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  1. After reading the blurb and your review, I’m convinced this is a must-read even though it is categorized as chick lit. Thanks for sharing.

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