Larceny at the Library by Colleen J. Shogan

Title: Larceny at the Library (A Washington Whodunit #6)

Author: Colleen J. Shogan

Published on: 14th July 2020

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

My favourite amateur sleuth of Capitol Hill, Kit Marshall is back!

Kit is excited to be at the preview of a historic event displaying the contents of Abraham Lincoln’s pockets the night he was assassinated. The next day, i.e, on the D-Day, Doug (Kit’s husband) finds the senior librarian Gustav Gaffney murdered and a couple of artefacts missing. Doug becomes a suspect and it is now up to Kit to prove her husband’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Miriam Dunlap asks Kit to assist Sergeant O’Halloran in solving the case and finding the missing artefacts before it is sold in the black market.

Another marvellous addition to the Washington Whodunit series featuring Kit Marshall, the amateur sleuth of Capitol Hill.

Doug finding the body of Gustav opens a closet full of skeletons. Kit is roped in to investigate the theft and if possible, replace the items before it is too late (read – sold in the black market). The suspects are plenty – after all, the guests who attended the preview knew only Gustav and his boss’s fingerprints would open the safe that held the contents of the display.

Sleuthing takes a major role here and Kit’s usual work at the Senate takes a backseat. Kit goes in search of clues, interviewing suspects and checking their alibis. Sergeant O’Halloran (he’s gotten a promotion!) is not very happy with Kit’s ‘interference’ but he has no choice but to agree – when an order comes from the higher authorities, there’s nothing much one could do.


Strong, independent and never-give-up kinda attitude-ish women play a major role in this story. Kit, Maeve, Miriam and Meg – each of these ladies have a significant role to play in the story.

We saw Sebastian, Kit’s brother, move to Washington in the previous book of this series (Gore in the Garden). Things have changed for Seb – he now has a girlfriend. Lisa Reddy, a cop who works with the Capitol Hill’s K9 unit. Murphy, her K9 dog, and Clarence (Kit’s pup) initially have a hostile situation – mostly to do with Clarence wanting to play the boss. But they get along well as the story ends.

Meg, Kit’s co-worker and best friend, is dating two men, one of which is Trevor – another co-worker and friend. Meg and Trevor help Kit with interviewing suspects and checking alibis. Meg receives an ultimatum from the two men she’s been dating – ‘choose one of us’. A decision that Meg doesn’t want to take, at least not now…

The mystery behind Gustav’s death keeps one guessing until the end. Red herrings are plenty so better not to don your detective hat. I will not be giving away spoilers but there is this particular person who plays a fishy role throughout the story. I wonder if they have a bigger and more sinister role in play in the next book.

A twist related to the motive behind the murder and theft blew my mind. I did not see this coming. There are different ways to look at the reason for crime, right? As a sleuth, Kit makes sure she explores every angle. I definitely think this twist made the mystery even more interesting.

Excellent character portrayal, a mystery that keeps one guessing until the end, and a story that takes you on a virtual trip to the landmarks in Washington, Larceny in the Library is an engrossing and must-read cozy mystery.

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