Monthly Wrap Up

Is it July already?

I am a day late in posting my monthly wrap-up. I am caught up with this, that and everything else, I have hardly had time to catch up with my blogging ‘duties’. Since Kitty doesn’t read blogs (or so I hope), I will partly blame her for my tardiness. She has been using my computer table as her bed and dining table. Speaking of dining table, my computer table stinks of cat food. Yuck! No amount of perfume is going to remove this smell! Ugh! Did I mention Kitty drools a lot while asleep?

Moving on, I read 18 books this month. There are times when I have taken 5 days to read a book. Things are pretty tense around here and to be frank, I am forcing myself to read books. I ended up participating in a lot of blog tours for July and I haven’t read any of the books I am supposed to review for the blog tour. God help me!

Covid cases are rising in India. Bangalore was the safest metro until ten days ago. There’s been a sudden spike in the cases and rumours are, we have a possible community spread. Four positive cases in my area since the beginning of June. Two of which happened this past week and are within 100metre radius of my house!

June has also been the month of decisions for me. Since last December, I have been thinking of going back to work. I have had my share of illness, emotional abuse and trauma and I am done with it. When I look back, I really do not know how I managed to survive all of it (all at once). Just when I decided to move out of this toxic atmosphere for good, Mr Covid had to come over and spoil things for me! *rolls eyes* With country-wise restrictions and rise in positive cases around the world (except for a few countries), I don’t think my plans will work out, not at least for the next two months.

Until then, I will have to keep myself busy. Maybe learn a new skill or something. Spanish learning has been slow, or should I say, come to a complete standstill. Mental health around the globe has taken a hit. I have heard a couple of my friends say they have had anxiety issues since the lockdown. I guess dealing with uncertainty is our new normal.

Enough of my ramblings! I do not have any bookish plans for July. I had plans to catch up with my TBR list in June but that didn’t happen. 😛 I have a lot of NetGalley and Edelweiss ARC pending. Since the beginning of lockdown, I have been receiving pre-approved ARCs from publishers. A booklover never says no to a book, right? And now my TBR is higher than Mount Everest! LOL!

Until next month, Adios!

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  1. If I get a new table, she will drool over that too. 😂 There are tufts of fur on my monitor. She’s shedding a lot of it! I wonder why. 🤔

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