Witch Hunt by Cate Conte

I couldn’t quite put a finger on it – it was just a subtle shift in the air, a feeling that something somewhere in the Universe, had been knocked out of alignment. And as an empath and overall sensitive person, the feeling was pretty overwhelming.

Title: Witch Hunt (A Full Moon Mystery #1)

Author: Cate Conte

Published on: 30th June 2020

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Violet Mooney owns The Full Moon crystal shop in North Harbor, Connecticut. Town councilwoman Carla Fernandez picks up a fight with Vi in the local cafe; calls Vi a voodoo woman. Ouch! To add more weird events to the day is a mysterious client at the crystal shop. Vi’s shop-help Josie comes in a few minutes later and complains of an obnoxious smell. Vi goes home after paying a visit to the tax department. Vi falls asleep and is woken up by someone knocking at her door. Cops! Vi learns Carla was found dead a few hours ago and Vi is the main suspect.

What a wonderful debut to a new cozy series featuring a witch! A Witch! Violet has no idea she’s a witch. She is an empath and can read auras but a witch?? She gets a shock of her life when Fiona and Zoe appear out of nowhere. Fiona is her ‘alleged’ mum and Zoe is Vi’s sister. Vi always thought her mum was dead. Her gran and dad never spoke much about her mum. And twenty-seven years later, here’s an extravagantly dressed lady with glitter all around her claiming to be Violet Mooney’s mother!

Carla Fernandez, the victim, had an axe to grind with almost everybody in the town. But who would have built up so much hatred that they killed her? The mystery behind Carla’s murder keeps you guessing. I was expecting a dramatic ending, Vi confronting the killer and getting into trouble and all that. The identity of the killer was unexpected but I wish they hadn’t given up so easily…


The best part of this story is surely the witch angle – as the story proceeds, we learn Violet is not the only witch in town. Woohoo! Fiona and Zoe surely bring some magic and glitter to the story. Todd, Vi’s boyfriend has been acting strange and so is Syd, Vi’s best friend. What with being murder suspect and all that, Vi could surely use some help but nope. Todd is very busy and Syd… well, Syd is in her own world!

I am curious to know what’s next for Violet and Todd. Things change a lot in Violet’s world as the story ends. She has more responsibility than she would have ever dreamed of. I am waiting to see how this might affect her relationship with Todd. Also, on the crystal shop front, things are going to change too.

Likeable characters, well-concocted story and a sprinkle of magic or two make Witch Hunt an engrossing and entertaining read. I have never read a cozy with a magic/paranormal element and Witch Hunt is my first. I absolutely loved this story and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

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