Cover Reveal of Summer at my Sister’s by Emily Harvale

It has been ages since I did a cover reveal post on this blog. I am very excited to present to you the cover reveal of a brand new book by my favourite author Emily Harvale. Many thanks to Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this cover reveal.

Let’s have a look at the blurb first.

Summer at my Sister’s

Twin sisters. One scorching summer. A bucketful of secrets.
Diana’s life is perfect. Her twin sister, Josie’s – not so much. They aren’t identical twins. Perhaps the only things they have in common are agreeing their mother can be a nightmare – and their birthdays. This summer they’ll be thirty-five.

Diana has the perfect husband, two talented youngsters, and an adorable dog. She runs a successful business from home, a popular book club, and hosts sparkling parties for her wealthy husband. She always looks as if she’s stepped from the cover of a magazine. Her immaculate second home by the sea, for idyllic summers with her perfect family, was actually featured in one.

Josie has a messy, compact flat, dates, but not relationships, and she can’t even keep a houseplant alive. She moves from job to job, goes clubbing with her friends, and always looks as if she’s fallen through a hedge. She loves Diana, deeply, but each year she declines the invitation to spend the summer with her sister. Or any other family holiday. Because Josie has a secret.

But is Diana’s life so perfect? Or is she hiding something too? When secrets are revealed this summer, everything will change. Josie could finally have the life she’s always wanted … if she’s brave enough to take a chance. And it all begins with a phone call from their mother.

Release Date: 31st July 2020

Aaaannnnnnddd… here we go 🙂

Doesn’t the cover look gorgeous? The blurb sounds exciting and I cannot wait to read Summer at my Sister’s.

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