The Little Teashop in Tokyo by Julie Caplin

the little teashop in Tokyo

Title: The Little Teashop in Tokyo

Author: Julie Caplin

Published on: 11 June 2020

Genre: Romance

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Konnichiwa! O genki desu ka?

Fiona is in Japan after winning a two-week photography mentorship from the renowned photographer Yutaka Araki. Fiona waits at the arrival only to see Gabriel Burnett walking towards her. Gabe and Fiona have a history. Fiona learns Yutaka had a family emergency and Gabe will be her mentor for the next two weeks. Fiona is staying with Haruka and her family – Setsuko, Haruka’s daughter and Mayu, Setsuko’s daughter.

Fiona learns of Yumi, Gabe’s muse and love interest. Gabe seems to be torn between choosing his career and his love for Yumi. Yumi is now married to a rich businessman but Gabe cannot seem to forget her. Yumi uses this to her advantage, bringing Gabe down every single time.

Gabe is the worst mentor Fiona could ever get as she starts her first week in Japan. He leaves her at places and promises to pick her back once she’s done clicking pictures. Fiona confesses her secret (the history with Gabe) to Setsuko.

This story brought back some old memories. Though I have never been to Japan, we had Japanese clients when I was working in the IT industry. I got to learn a bit of Japanese and understand Japanese culture. Did you know you get ten flavours of Kit-Kat in Japan? From green tea to wasabi to cherry blossoms, you have a lot of choices. I remember one of my teammates bringing back some wine-filled chocolates from Japan – green apple and plum fillings, yum!

As I was reading through this story, I felt I was in Japan and not in the comforts of my house in Bangalore. The neon lights of Tokyo, the Sky tree, robot restaurant, Mount Fuji, wabi-sabi, tempura and sushi bars, and a tea ceremony. I am booking my tickets to Japan once the lockdown is over. 🙂

I cannot stop gushing about this book. A love story set in the picturesque land of the rising sun, The Little Tea shop in Tokyo is sure to steal your heart. Wonderful characters, romance with a tinge of cheesy-ness and longlasting friendships. The simmering tension between Gabe and Fiona finally ends up bursting like a pressure cooker whistle, pheeeewww!

I am not going to give away major spoilers in this book but let me tell you this, things end well for the duo. If you want to know the how’s, why’s and, when’s, you will have to read the book to find out.

If you love to read books of the genre Romance/chick-lit, The Little Teashop in Tokyo is a must-read. A perfect read for this summer.

Many thanks to One More Chapter for the ARC. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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