The Devil’s Wire by Deborah Rogers

In South Africa hunters use a particular type of booby trap. They dig a hole, place a wire around the circumference, cover it with leaves then wait for the animal to walk by. When the thing falls in, the hunter tugs the wire and triggers a special type of slipknot that contracts around the animal’s neck and strangles it. It’s called The Devil’s Wire

Title: The Devil’s Wire

Author: Deborah Rogers

Published on: 13 December 2015

Genre: Thriller (psychological)

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Jennifer manages to get into her neighbor’s bad books by accidentally bumping her car into their dog. The dog dies and Lenise(the neighbor) cannot seem to forgive Jennifer. One night, Lenise witnesses Jennifer’s husband Hank sexually abusing the daughter. When Lenise tells Jennifer about this, Jen cannot believe it.

Hank was of the controlling nature but by sexually abusing their daughter, he’s crossed his lines. Jennifer’s life takes a turn for worse when Hank starts to stalk the mother-daughter duo. Jennifer goes to Lenise for help; Lenise agrees to help – but for a price. A price that is going to take Jennifer on one heck of a ride!

OMG! What a story! The Devil’s Wire is a spine-tingling psychological thriller by Deborah Rogers. A study shows that a certain percentage of sexual abuse occurs at ‘home’ – someone related to the survivor (I will not use the word victim here) – the abuse either goes unchecked by the caregiver or is ignored by the caregiver. In this case, Jennifer was the kind of mum who trusted her husband and never thought he would abuse McKenzie.

There are two main characters in this story – Jennifer and Lenise. Both are strong women, abused as a child and survivors. McKenzie is blaming herself for whatever happened (abuse and dad walking out of the house) and at the same time blames Jennifer for being a bad mother. Lenise has issues with her good-for-nothing son. She moved from South Africa years ago and reminisces of the times she spent there.

The main theme of this story is ‘CONTROL.’ A human being sees another as vulnerable, weak and decides to take charge of their life. This toxic and harmful behavior plays a major role in the lives of those being controlled/harrassed. Gaslighting, obsessions and secrets also play a vital role in this story. Lenise is going over the line to help Jennifer. But why? What does Lenise want in return?


The twist halfway through the story was totally unexpected. I was like, ‘Woah, Jenny! What a mess!’ The twist made me doubt if the story-line was going off-tangent. But as the story ends, the ‘twist’ makes sense. (Related to the theme I spoke about in the previous paragraph).

You do not always have to like the main characters in a story, do you? Jennifer and Lenise – you will love to hate them! And, hate to love them! Ms Rogers has done in excellent job in keeping her readers hooked on to the story. I certainly could not put this book down! The twists and turns took me on a nail-biting adventure.

If you are looking for an engrossing domestic thriller, I recommend you to read The Devil’s Wire by Deborah Rogers.

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