Monthly Wrap-up

I am back! Things seemed a tad messy last week when we had a covid-19 case in the area. The poor chap who tested positive passed away two days after being admitted to the hospital.

We are still in the ‘buffer zone’. The government has changed rules for containment zones. Only 100-200metres surrounding the affectee’s home is considered as containment zone, the rest is kept under buffer. If cases multiply, the whole stretch of 1-2km is turned into a containment zone. So far, his was the only case and it’s been two weeks since he was tested positive.

I read 22 books this month. Not bad eh, considering the week before when mental health took a dive for worse. This coming week onward, I will trying to catch up on the books that are on my TBR since December 2018. Wish me luck. 😉

I have been doing a pretty decent amount of cooking and baking. Made a vegetarian version of Shepherd’s pie three days ago. We had ratatouille for lunch today – along with peas pulao and paneer lababdar. Did I choose the wrong profession? I think so, yes!

Speaking of which… we had around 1000 mangoes this time. We are sooooo tired of eating mangoes. We distributed loads of mangoes to our neighbours and still ended up with surplus amounts. We are mangoed this year. 😉

By the by, guess who is turning two today. 🙂 My leeteel blogeee babeeeee. 😀 Remember last year when I invited you all for a party? I cannot believe I am saying this – we have a monkey blogger in our midst. I said ‘friends and family of bloggers are welcome too’ and look what happened!

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Since we are under lockdown, I have decided to host a virtual party this year. 😀 You are welcome to sit at the comforts of your homes, sip whatever drinks you want and bake your own cakes. Thank you very much. 😛

I have been blogging for four years now. The first two years of blogging, I spent juggling between posting photographs and writing nonsense (quite literally! FYI: People loved it.) The book blog idea is here to stay for long. 😛 After my ‘life gave me a fruit basket’ episode, I choose to remain in a cocoon and had second thoughts about socializing. Blogging gave me an outlet to express all the talk group discussion that goes on in my head. 😛

Thank you all for the support. I am overwhelmed! God bless us all. Let us plan a trip to Mars once the lockdown is relaxed. Ugh! I really need to work on my Oscars’ speech. Until next time, Ciao. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-up

  1. Hey, congratulations on turning 2! I miss these posts from you. Keep them coming, your photos too.

  2. 22 books is a very impressive figure. It would take a lot to push your monthly reading goals under 20! I on the other hand only managed 10 books this month, though one was a rather tiresome one to read which took a while.

    1. I went on a spree this Wednesday. And the spree ended with a bad read – it took me two days to read it.😑
      Mixing genres helps in reading more books.🙂

  3. You really read much, most of the books who have read are not translated in Finnish, so I couldn’t read with you. Here tomorrow is the first day when restaurants, museos, libraries, hair dressers, so quite normal life. So we will soon know was that a good decision or not.
    Have a great day.
    Kristiina 🇫🇮

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