The Brain by David Eagleman

the brain

Wow! This book is ‘mind-blowing’! Reading The Brain by David Eagleman made me realize I have been underestimating the power of a human brain. Supercomputers take an enormous amount of power to solve one problem while our brain can solve the same by consuming 60Watts.

Say you are at the ice cream store and you have to choose between two flavours. All you do is stand there and think. Meanwhile, your brain cells (neurons) form a parliament of sorts and the two parties (each for one flavour) make the judgement call. Can you believe that? A simple decision such as choosing vanilla or chocolate ice cream takes a whole lot of neurons at work – synapses, grouping and finally, the one with the majority vote wins – you choose a flavour.

This book is full of examples like the one mentioned above. David has taken real-life scenarios; he’s spoken to people who have had a brain injury and researched how injuries to different parts of the brain affect our motor and decision-making skills.


The book is divided into six parts. I found the first four parts really interesting. The last two deal with advancements in medical sciences and psychological effects and stuff.

I have always been curious to learn more about what makes people tick – why do they do/not do things they are/aren’t supposed to. How does our brain process all the information we have been feeding it – this includes you reading this post and understanding the words at the same time. This book explains/clears most of the questions you have about the supercomputer located in your skull.

There is so much to discuss but I do not want to make this review a spoiler. This book isn’t meant for a light-read. A highly informational and well-written book on the human brain. NOTE: This book has nothing to do with psychology so do not expect any self-help topics or tricks to improve your memory.

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