Fire, Fog and Water by Mike Martin

fire, fog and water

Sgt. Windflower suspects the three recent cases might be connected: a body found frozen in the wilderness, a hit and run case and murder of a ‘famous’ crook. The story is set in small communities on the east coast of Canada. Sgt Windflower must not only solve the murders but also resolve his inner conflicts.

I downloaded this book from NetGalley after seeing 4 and 5-starred reviews. I am the only one(so far) who has given this book a lower rating. Windflower’s inner conflicts are paranormal-ish – he has ‘magical’ dreams often and his ritual includes burning a few herbs and other things. I think the idea behind Windflower’s conflicts was to include the element of magical mystery into the story. However, this did not work for me.


Windflower’s daily routine gets a little boring. He dresses the baby, takes the dog out for a walk, spends time with friends and family – 1/3rd of the story is filled with detailed descriptions of Windflower’s routine.

The author has tried to include more than just murder mystery in this story. One of the constables is sexually harassed by her boss and Windflower decides to fight on her behalf. Then we have Windflower’s dreams and inner conflicts. Finally, we have the murder mystery and the connection between the three cases.

The murder mystery takes precedence in the second half of the book while the first half is mostly about Windflower’s conflicts and routines. This is the eighth book in Sgt Windflower series and can be read as a standalone. However, I will not talk about recommendations since I did not like this story.

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  1. Appreciate your honest review, Rekha. πŸ™‚ Maybe the author wanted to show the detective’s humane side as well, apart from his problem-solving skills.

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