The Killer Christmas Sweater Club by Terry Ambrose

Title: The Killer Christmas Sweater Club (A Seaside Cove B&B Mystery #3)

Author: Terry Ambrose

Published on: 8 November 2018

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Killer Christmas Sweater Club is the third book in Terry Ambrose’s Seaside Cove B&B Mystery series.

Alex is getting read for the ugly Christmas sweater event. She’s also keen on jump-starting a relationship between her dad Rick and B&B cook Marquetta. At the Ugly Christmas Sweater event, things are a bit tense as three people come in wearing the same kind of sweaters. Oh Boy! It was sold to them by Thorne Waldorf – the ‘crooked’ lawyer of Seaside Cove.

Alex and her friend Robbie spy on two men who speak ill of Thorne. Deputy Adam arrives at the venue to speak to Rick. Thorne has been found murdered! Witnesses and suspects claim to have seen Thorne with a red-haired woman hours before his death.

This red-haired woman is none other than… ah, ah, ah! Do you think I will reveal the secret here and make this review a spoiler? Eh? Never! Nunca! But I am not going to let the curious cat in you claw your screen so I will give you a hint. This woman was mentioned once or twice in the previous books of this series.

Rick and Alex have a case to solve and they also have a decision to make. A decision that might change their lives for good.

It goes without saying Terry Ambrose is a master storyteller. He surely knows how to keep his fans hooked on to the story. I have read the first two books in this series and let me tell you, The Seaside Cove B&B is an addictive cozy series. If you read one, you would want to read them all!


Alex is playing the role(s) of an amateur sleuth, matchmaker, reporter for the weekly grapevine, a chef… phew! This little packet of energy is the star of this series!

The entry of the red-haired woman was a shocker! Just when I thought things were getting mushy between Marquetta and Rick, this red-haired lady has to make an appearance and ruin things! *Rolls eyes* Speaking of ruining things, guess who’s back?? Or, rather, who never left the B&B? Reese Potok! She’s trying to impress god knows who or what!!!

Thorne had sent six sweaters before his death. Five of them are found. This means the sixth is with the killer, right? Hmm! The mystery is there, all right. But this book is more about Rick and Alex. We get to see them in a new light. They also have some important decisions to make.

The identity of the perp was unexpected and I did not like it. I was expecting a sinister reason behind the murder but… this is a really good cozy series so I guess once in a while, once has to be okay with what’s not okay. That totally didn’t make sense. Or, did it? Things end well for Alex and Rick so that’s something to look forward to in the next book.

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