A Treasure to Die for by Terry Ambrose

a treasure to die for

Title: A Treasure to Die for (A Seaside Cove B&B Mystery #1)

Author: Terry Ambrose

Published on: 21st September 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rick Atwood’s left his job as a reporter in New York and moved to Seaside Cove in California with his daughter Alex. He inherited his grandfather, Captain Jack’s B&B. Marquetta works as a cook/helper at the B&B.

A group of treasure hunters come in seek of the lost spanish gold – a ship named San Manuel sunk in the waters of this coast hundreds of years ago. Every body knows there is no gold on this part of the coast. But the treasure hunters believe they have the original map.

Things turn ugly when the founder of the group, Jim Gordon, is found dead. With the mayor and chief of the town busy, the case is handled by a newbie/incompetent Deputy, Adam. Rick decides to help Adam and find out the truth behind Jim’s murder.


A Treasure to Die for is the first book in A Seaside Cove B&B mystery series.

The story has two Point-of-view characters : Rick and Alex, the father-daughter pair. Alex wants to help her father and pokes her nose around the guests’ rooms when they are away. When Rick gets to know about his daughter’s interference in the case, he gives her a time out. But finally, the little girl’s curiosity is what helps Rick and Adam in solving the case.

Rick is pretty impressive, except for one thing – he blurts out what he thinks to be the truth, unaware that he might be crossing personal boundaries. But, as the story ends, Rick learns not to interfere too much in someone else’s personal life.

Marquetta is the glue that holds the B&B and Rick together. She and Rick have a tiff halfway through the story but Alex interferes and things are alright between them as the story ends. Alex might be just ten years old but she surely tries playing matchmaker for her daddy.

The mystery behind the murder is well-maintained until the end. The treasure hunters are a pack of liars. Their lies is what stalls the case for a while. There’s a lot of he-said, she-said stories – each of the group members point their finger at the rest of the group.

The ending is good, there was a bit of beating around the bush – liars again! Overall, A Treasure to Die for was a good read. Terry Ambrose’s storytelling is very impressive. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. By the way, the cover is simply gorgeous, what say? πŸ™‚

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