All That I Have by Castle Freeman

all that I Have

Title: All That I Have

Author: Castle Freeman

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Lucian Wing is the sheriff of a county in Vermont. Everything seems to be going smooth until the local tearaway Sean ‘Superboy’ Duke starts to tangle himself with the Russians. First, a Russian is found tied tot he tree, beaten up and start naked. Second, a robbery at a local mansion rented by a group of Russians. Then comes a simmering domestic crisis in Lucian Wing’s life.

All That I Have is a little odd from all the books I have read so far: humourous in a quirkish-darkish manner, weird characters and a mystery. As the story began, I was completely clueless as to what was happening.


The story starts with Clemmie (Lucian’s wife) and Lucian at their house when Lucian receives a phone call about the ‘new man’. Lucian arrives at the scene of ‘crime’ and meets the hulk-ish trooper Timberlake. A man was beaten up and tied to a tree and a passer-by called the cops on him. The man was naked and he spoke in a language that nobody understood. Lucian ‘discovers’ the naked man to be a Russian.

A break-in is reported at a mansion and Deputy Sheriff Keen wants Lucian to come over to the scene of the crime. Nothing seems to be missing initially, and the break-in seems to be the handiwork of a local thug, Sean Duke. Sean Duke is a ladies man. Lucian wonders what women see in him. The next day, a lady arrives at the police station with a package from Sean Duke.

A small-town sheriff and his absurdly weird ideas are the main themes of the story. The mystery is there, all right, concocted in a way you will never see the ending coming. Lucian Wing is not your average sleuth. He works according to the rules he’s set for himself. Justice or not, Lucian doesn’t care, he does it his way, every single time!

All That I Have is a fun and light read. Do not keep your expectations high on the mystery and sleuthing part or you will be disappointed.

Many thanks to Farrago and NetGalley for the ARC. This is my honest and unbiased opinion

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