A Train from Penzance to Paris by Laura Briggs

a train from penzance to paris

Title: A Train from Penzance to Paris (A Little Hotel in Cornwall #5)

Author: Laura Briggs

Published on: 8th April 2020

Genre: Romance

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am so happy to having read the fifth book in my favourite romantic series – A Little Hotel in Cornwall. I have waited months to read it and here we are!

In the previous book  –The Cornish Secret of Summer’s Promise – Maisie found herself helping a private investigator in searching for the missing jewels. It so happened that the ‘private investigator’ was a ‘renowned’ thief! Maisie also got to meet her favourite author Alistair Davies. Maisie gets a chance to leave Penmarrow behind and join Davies on a trip to Paris and then London where she could meet writers and start her life as a budding author.

Maisie cannot say no to this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. She’s also aware that she has to leave Cornwall behind. And, Sidney too…

In A Train from Penzance to Paris, we find Maisie embarking on a train journey to Paris. Davies introduces her to their friend circle – mostly composed of writers and people from the literary world. As she comes back to London with Davies, a young literary agent tags along. The Literary agent believes in Maisie’s potential as an author; Maisie also gets the help of a professional editor. Their critique and advice hold the key to making Maisie’s novel ‘publisher’ ready but…  Maisie cannot stop thinking about Sidney.


This book is special in its own way. We get to see Maisie in a new light. Maisie is now far away from Penmarrow and Sidney. She gets to meet the important peeps of the lit-world and yet, her heart lies in Cornwall.

The story is inclined towards Maisie’s life in Paris and then, London. She gets to meet a young Literary agent, Davies’ Publisher and a professional editor. Maisie also joins a writing group where she makes new friends. Maisie has everything a budding author could dream of. Everything except… Sidney. She writes letters after letters, but Sidney remains distant – he doesn’t like to write much.

I will not talk much about Maisie’s stay at Davies’ house in London. But I will tell you this, I never saw the ending coming! My gosh! That was a complete shocker. I was like, whaatt????? The twist!! Uff! Never in the world did I ever think of it! Uh-huh! Nope!

Overall, this was a pleasant read. It was definitely worth the wait. I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for Maisie. Sidney plays a lesser role in this story and I really hope I get to see more of Sidney in the next book. Maisie’s letters to Sidney made me emotional. I did not want her to leave Cornwall. Sidney knew what’s best for her. Maybe Maisie did too… In the next book, I hope to see them together.

I highly recommend you to read this series. Laura Briggs is a talented and brilliant author. I absolutely love her books and her writing.

The previous books in this series are:

Book #1: A Little Hotel in Cornwall

Book #2: A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores

Book #3: Sea Holly and Mistletoe Kisses

Book #4: The Cornish Secret of Summer’s Promise

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