Monthly Wrap-Up

A lot of things have changed since my previous Monthly Wrap-Up post. Most of the world is in a lock-down and the uncertainty is causing some panic and chaos.

I hope you guys are safe. I had a meltdown inspite of following a routine. It is okay to break down, cry and let it out. I am feeling better after the breakdown. I also realized I was watching the news the whole time and this was the reason behind my low emotions. I don’t check news often now. I have been keeping myself busy and following a daily routine. 45mins to one hour of walk+listening to affirmations; cleaning, cooking or helping mum in the kitchen, reading, making up nonsensical songs about kitty, a bit of writing, learning spanish and coloring/painting.

I use Insight Timer app for meditations and affirmations. They have around 25k meditations and it is free. If I don’t feel like meditating, I listen to binaural beats. If you guys are looking for a good meditation app, I highly recommend Insight Timer. I have been using it for over two years now and I found it to be much better than other meditation apps out there.

In times like these, following a routine helps in keeping our mind busy. Do not watch TV the whole day. Do something new – cook, learn a new language or try a new exercise regime. If there is a hobby you have always wanted to pursue but didn’t have the time for it, now is the time to pursue it. Read books only if you feel like. It is okay to not read a book every day.

We have been concentrating on the external world for a long time now and I feel this is the time to listen to our inner world, our inner voice. Spend some me time, reflect on what you have achieved/not achieved so far; reflect on the changes to be made, if any. Use this break to get to know YOU better.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

I wrote a little psychological thriller-ish story last week. I hope you guys enjoyed the story. There will be more stories coming up soon. Humorous ones, this time. 😁

I read a total of 24 books this book. I experimented with various genres, I read a couple of literary fiction, comics, mystery classics and cozies. I DNF-ed one book this month. Read two books featuring my favourite comic character – Suppandi. Suppandi is the most imbecile guy you will ever know. He was first featured in a monthly comic named Tinkle.

Here’s one of Suppandi’s ‘tales’.

Suppandi’s new master is a black marketeer.

Master: Suppandi, hide these cans of kerosene in the backyard tonight. I heard the prices will go up soon and I want to sell these then.

Suppandi: Yes, master.

Suppandi spends the whole night digging the backyard. The next day,

Suppandi: Master, I hid the kerosene in the backyard. Now where do I hide these empty cans?

Oh yes, March was also the month of buddy reads. I did two buddy reads this month; one with Kate and the other with LA. We read Bellairs titles – Death Stops the Frolic with Kate and Death in the Night Watches with LA. This was LA’s first Bellairs read and she loved it. Bellairs has a new fan. πŸ˜€

Least Favorite Reads of this month:

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms

Missing by Amelia Hay (DNF)

Murder at Melrose Court by Karen Menuhin

Most Favorite Reads of this month:

Death in the Night Watches by George Bellairs

The High Priestess Card by Bevin Atkinson

The Empress Card by Bevan Atkinson

I really hope things get better before my next monthly wrap-up. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. HUGS. πŸ™‚

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  1. I had to limit my news intake to 30 min a day and some days I feel like I need to skip that! Take care! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

    1. It does get scary at times, Carol, seeing the rise in count of infected and dead. I am forcing myself not to watch the news.
      Hugs. You too take care. Stay safe.πŸ™‚πŸ’—

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