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Locked-Down: Part 5

If you guys missed reading the story so far, here it is: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

Mickey is fast asleep. I hope he dies in his sleep. But before I start bitchin’ about him, let me tell you about my role in the story.

Mickey has always been a coward. At school, he was bullied by his classmates. They were right to call him a Mouse. Stupid Mouse! His mum was not better either. All she did was whine and whine. Even the dog on the street was better than her! Idiotic lady! She mentally harassed Mickey. Called him unworthy, undeserving; asked him to man up. What man-up? Did she even know what that means? Her man left her for another woman and she takes out the frustration on Mickey?

I waited for Mickey to stand up on his own. But the bloody cowardly mouse of a fella started to hurt himself. Cut and pour hot water on the wound, my ass! I did not want him to hurt himself any further. I couldn’t see him like that, curling into a ball and crying like nobody cares. I had had enough of the drama around me! That is when I decided to save him. Save him from this misery. Save him from himself.

I killed his mother. I KILLED HER! I killed her and blamed it on Mickey. He had to spend some time in the juvenile prison but staying away from that lady did him some good. He went to a good college and got good grades. He had always wanted to be a scientist and save the world. I helped him do that. I helped him in fulfilling his dreams. And what do I get in return? Not even a thank you!

Mickey’s has lost his mind. What kinda scientist says “I mix the chemicals and let it sit for a while. They will ready for testing tomorrow.” What is he doing? Marinating chicken? Stupid fool of a guy! Chemistry is not your average kitchen science. You don’t fry potatoes and toss up a salad in a chemistry lab. Don’t believe me? Try tossing a mixture of two chemicals and see what happens.

I did most of the work during his blackouts. I prepared the sample and I injected it to the lab rats. I made the calculations. I did EVERYTHING! What does Mickey do? He takes credits for my work.

I shouldn’t have helped him. I should have let him rot in that hell hole of a house with his whining mother. I had one speck of humanity and kindness in me so I helped him. But not anymore. NOT ANYMORE!

He thinks he has bipolar. BIPOLAR! Does he even know the spelling of bipolar?! He tried to suppress me by taking meds. But I am his saviour. And I wanted him to return the favour of saving him. What does he do instead? He decides to shut me off forever. There he was, going to a shrink and talking about his personality and whatnot. Personality, my ass! I control him and not the other way around.

I played games with his mind. I made him see the shadows. I was responsible for his blackouts. I left a note in his pocket when he had an episode of blackout in the research facility. I warned him to keep out of it. But there was, trying to be a superman and wanting to save the world. He wanted to be the man who wore his underwear over his pants!

Saving the world from what? He’s the only one alive and I made sure of it. I started giving him antidote for the virus weeks before the outbreak. And what does Mickey do in return? He goes to Mr Garreth’s house and hurts himself! Bloody fool of a guy! I tried to wake him up but he didn’t. He gave up, just like that, without a fight. Cowardly Mouse!

He came to realize I was the reason for his blackouts. He started taking his bipolar meds again. I couldn’t let him do that. I wanted to rule the world. I wanted to show him what life means. I wanted to tell him how much I love him. But no, he didn’t love me in return. He wanted to kill me!

When he passed out in the bathroom, I made him go to his laboratory. His wound was infected but not with the deadly virus. I made him inject himself with the virus. I wanted to see if the antidote I pumped into his body was of any use. He was alright for an hour. He then became asymptomatic.

I realized the mistake I made but it was too late. I had to try and save him. I injected 10cc of the sample – the sample that killed/exploded the rat. I hoped it would save him, or at least, keep him alive until I make a working sample.

It’s been six hours since I gave him the sample and an hour since he saw the log book and passed out. I do not think he will survive. I wanted to tell you guys my side of the story before Mickey’s brain starts to slow down. If Mickey dies, I die too. But that doesn’t matter anymore because I achieved my dreams. I want everyone to know I Destroyed the Earth. I, Dr Ond, succeeded in destroying the earth. I did it only because I loved Mickey. I still love him and I will always be his saviour…


Thanks to all those who liked and shared this story. I will back soon with many more stories. ๐Ÿ™‚ I might not write psychological thrillers like this one in the future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Holy smokes… You are one wicked woman… ๐Ÿ˜‚ I am staying far away from you. No Cinderella gown, thank you very much. You killed the last person on earth… You do know if it really happens, I would blame you completely. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Great story. Keep writing

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