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max and moritz


I am pretty sure you guys read a lot of tales as kids – folklore, fairy tales, and many more. As a child, I read and re-read Grimms’, Panchatantra and Jataka Tales. These stories had a moral at the end – all evil things must come to an end; do good and be good; and so on.

Kids are considered to be a personification of everything good. They are innocent and believe things at the face value – unlike us, who think twice before accepting something. Max and Moritz might be kids but they are not your average innocent looking, naughty kids. These two are monsters in disguise!

Here’s what the story’s about: The old widow has three hens and a rooster. They plan to kill them. When the old widow sees her birds lying dead, she decides to cook them. Max and Moritz steal and eat it with relish.

They saw a plank off and an old man falls into the stream. They fill the headmaster’s pipe with gunpowder! Their grandpa comes over for a visit and they fill his bed with bugs! Finally, they plan to trick a farmer but it goes terribly wrong. The farmer is angry and shoves them into a sack and takes them to the mill; grounds them into tiny bits.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to the younger ones. Maybe, 10 and above might find this book interesting. The moral of this story is : all evil must come to an end. Not the usual fairy tale where the good kid is happy while the evil man dies. At the same time, it is unique.

It is hard to believe this is a Children’s classic. Initially written in German and supposedly enjoyed by kids. (This was a bestseller!!)

The translation work is marvelous. Read this story for the content and originality. These kids might be monsters in disguise but sometimes it is okay to read a fairy tale that doesn’t end well.

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