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Locked-down: Part 1

I am really bored sitting at home the whole time – we are under lock-down. So I have decided to write short stories and publish it here for you guys to read and enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a panster, not a plotter, so expect the unexpected. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is it! The end? Or, a new beginning? I do not know. At times, I like to call myself an optimist. For today, I am donning my optimist hat. Maybe, this is a new beginning. Mankind has evolved over thousands of years. We have had at least five Ice Ages so far, then came the plague, Spanish flu, cholera and now this.

They haven’t named this killer virus yet. They never will. It took the virus fifteen days to wipe out half of the earth’s population. Men, women, children, animals and trees, it affected everyone and everything. The health organizations had no time to detect or check its spread.

It is believed that Dr Ond was in the process of finding a one-stop cure for all diseases but something went wrong. He ended up infecting the whole world with a disease that had no cure. Ond means evil in Norwegian and Dr Ond turned out to be the destroyer of all lifeforms on Earth.

Everyone on my street is dead. Everyone except me. I worked in the same research facility as Dr Ond. As soon as we were informed of Dr Ond’s mistake, I knew it was time to stock up. I am a hoarder. I stock up on food and other items so that I do not have to go out often. I hate socializing. I am a loner. I have no family. I spend most of my time working, either at home or at the research facility.

I have a makeshift laboratory in my basement. Since the outbreak, I have been trying to create an antidote. My colleagues are dead. Everybody at the research facility is dead. Everyone except me.

Six years ago, I was hit by a car and the doctors had to amputate my left leg. I cried, asking the God I believe: Why me? But now, I am happy to have survived the outbreak. I go to the supermarket twice a week. I visit the various stores in the city, scavenging for packets of crisps, biscuits and cereals. The supermarket owners and workers are all dead. I do not have to pay for the stuff I grab. How lucky am I?

Nothing much about the virus is known as of yet. But I do. The virus attacks your nervous system. Within the first fifteen minutes of entering your bloodstream, your brain begins to slow down. People experience giddiness, impaired vision and hearing, limited movement of limbs. Two hours later, their lung develops a fibroid and they start experiencing difficulty in breathing. Within three hours of the virus entering the bloodstream, the person dies.

I am lucky to have survived it. I cannot say the same about the billions who died.

To be continued tomorrow…

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