A Prison in the Sun By Isobel Blackthorn

a prison in the sun

Title: A Prison in the Sun (Canary Islands Mysteries #3)

Author: Isobel Blackthorn

Published on: 19th November 2019

Genre: Mystery (with literary elements)

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Trevor Moore has decided to go on a vacation Tefia is a small town in the Canary Islands; Trevor finds a comfortable little farmhouse where he could spend some time by himself. Over the past couple of months, Trevor’s life has changed drastically. His wife of twenty years divorced him to explore her sexuality – she found love in another woman.

Trevor works as a ghostwriter. The vacation was also supposed to be a break from his writing career but when he learns of Tefia’s dark past, he wants to do something about it – write and let the world know about the atrocities gay men went through in the prisons of Tefia.


A Prison in the Sun is a lot more than just a mystery with literary tones. We have Trevor exploring his sexuality (he cannot stop thinking of his childhood friend Vince), Trevor moving out of his comfort zone and building up some self-esteem (which he lacks, as we see at the beginning of the story) and the journey of a young gay man during the 1970s.

A well- researched and well-written story, Prison in the Sun takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. I will not talk much about the second half of the book but I will tell you this, the young man’s account of his life makes you cry. The atrocities that these innocent men had to go through in prison – makes you wonder why some human beings act like monsters.

The mystery element is obvious throughout the story. The ending was something different. I was expecting something else but giving it a second thought, maybe Trevor saw it coming… Speaking of which, Trevor isn’t someone I liked – don’t get me wrong. The guy struggles and has some low self-esteem issues. It finally catches up to him, in a way that he never expected. 😉

Overall, this was a different kinda read for me. I just didn’t want the story to end! Engrossing and unique, I highly recommend A Prison in the Sun by Isobel Blackthorn.

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