Mystery Classics to read this week


With the lockdown in progress, this is the best time to catch up with some mystery classics. I have been trying to tackle my TBR and let’s not discuss my progress so far! I really do not like to read serious mysteries, especially not during a time like this. So I will be recommending three mystery classics that have an element of humor and/or quirk in them. πŸ˜€


the murder of my auntThe Murder of My Aunt by Richard Hull

This book is a must-read mystery of all times. The ending is mind-blowing! Believe me, you will never, NEVER see it coming!

Edward Powell lives with his aunt Mildred in the welsh town of Llwll. Auntie Mildred is becoming a pain-in-the-backside; always nagging, whining, and trying to control Edward. One fine say, Mildred says something and Edward loses his temper. He decides to end it once and for all. He comes up with various plans and tricks to kill her. Will he be successful?







death on a quiet dayDeath on a Quiet Day by Michael Innes

A mind-blowing chase, tension and suspense is what makes me recommend this book to you all. A little less on the humor element perhaps, but definitely worth a read.

After a game of chicken with his friends, David henchman goes on a hike and finds a dead body. He looks around, sees a man and calls for help. The man comes over all right, but points a pistol at David. Soon, an accomplice arrives and the two men chase David up and down the moors. The chase takes David to a jam factory, a farm and many other places. Only Inspector Appleby can save David now.





calamity at harwoodCalamity at Harwood by George Bellairs

A haunted house, poltergeists and Nazi spies, Inspector Littlejohn has a hard time cracking this case. Or, not, as Thomas Littlejohn is the best!

Solomon Burt has converted Harwood Hall to service apartments. The tenants claim of a paranormal activity but Burt doesn’t believe them. One night, Burt is surrounded by three poltergeists. Yikes! They force him to jump into an icy pool in his birthday suit. Burt manages to climb back into a tenant’s kitchen, only to fall down the stairs and break his neck.



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