Lemon Drizzle Mondays at the Little Duck Pond Cafe by Rosie Green

lemon drizzle mondays at the little duck pond cafe

Title: Lemon Drizzle Mondays at the Little Duck Pond Cafe (Little Duck Pond Cafe #9)

Author: Rosie Green

Published on: 29th February 2020

Genre: Chick-lit/Women’s Fiction, Romance

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I threw a lot of confetti in the air the last time and was reprimanded by the Sunnybrook town council for dirtying the place. Oops! But I couldn’t help it, could I? Lellie and Zak were getting married so who wouldn’t want to throw confetti in the air??!!!

In Lemon Drizzle Mondays at the Little Duck Pond Cafe, we get to have a look at Molly Hooper’s life. Molly is a single mother to three-year-old Eva. Molly started working part-time for Fen’s charity food truck and was finally offered a chance to work full time at the Brambleberry Manor cafe. Molly is happy with her job. After a series of downs in her life, Molly was eagerly waiting to put her life back on track. Being a single mother hasn’t been easy financially and she’s barely managing. Her landlord is being a total jackass, calling her late in the nights and demanding more than just rent. What a freak!!!

On her first day at work, Molly falls into a slush, uff! The gorgeous looking Matt who owns a bookstore comes to the rescue. He lends her a shirt and trousers – the clothes might be his girlfriend’s. Things do not go smoothly for Molly. She returns home one day to find her landlord in her kitchen. The man says he will visit as and when he pleases. *makes angry face*


To increase customers at the manor cafe, Molly and the fashionable Patrina come up with a plan – Patrina claims the idea to be just her’s but that isn’t true. A board is set up and people can write in their acts of kindness. If their act of kindness is impressive, they get a piece of lemon drizzle cake. How cool is that?

Rosie, I am out of words. I am in awe of the Little Duck Pond Cafe series. I cannot believe we are nine books through the series. The characters are more like family now and not some fictional ones that you read and forget. Molly and Eva are the latest addition to the Little Duck Pond fam.

The girls are having a blast. Bertha is her usual self, complaining about her ‘love life’ with her husband Ron – to whom she’s been married for over forty years now. Meanwhile, Patrina doesn’t know a thing about household chores. She thinks we need to put our hand into the toilet bowl to clean it. Yuck!!!!! Fen is being her adorable self while Katja is being a such a sweetheart – she’s Molly’s new best friend. 🙂 Wait, I am not done yet. There’s Krystle, the chef at the manor cafe. Then there is the other Krystle – the grumpy one. Wait, what? One person, two personalities?

Patrina plans a 10k charity run. The young blonde has her eyes set on Matt. Molly has a crush on him but she’s afraid of falling in love again. To add to her woes is Jaxon, the jackass of a landlord and his sexual harassment. Let me not give out spoilers here but I will tell you one thing. Madison! This girl is simply awesome! 😀


When Jaxon came into the picture, I felt like diving into my kindle and slapping the fella! Harasses helpless women! Bloody pervert! But he gets it well in the end. Serves him right!

Things always end well in the Little Duck Pond Cafe. Acts of kindness goes a long way for Molly and Eva. 🙂 I am certainly looking forward to the next book in this series. April is just a month away and I cannot wait to see what’s next for the Little Duck Pond Cafe Fam. I highly recommend this series to one and all. I am choosy when it comes to books of the genre Women’s Fiction and The Little Duck Pond Cafe is one series that I absolutely love. In fact, I cannot choose a favourite in this series because I have loved every book – all the books in this series are my favourite. 🙂

By the way, can someone tell me the way to Sunnybrook? I want to meet my Little Duck Pond fam and even feature in the next book…oops, my secret is out!

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