The High Priestess Card by Bevin Atkinson

high priestess card

Title: The High Priestess Card (The Tarot Mysteries #3)

Author: Bevan Atkinson

Published on: 10th May 2013

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers (Cozy)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The High Priestess asks us to be open to our unconscious selves, to welcome our intuitions, to accept that inspiration and guidance will always be available to us.

She asks us to trust that, while some things will always remain unknowable, we are always connected to everything else in the universe. We are never alone.

No. If we feel alone it is because we have chosen to isolate ourselves.

Xana and Thorne are back with yet another mystery. Xana is still recovering from a fractured ankle. They at the East-West Cafe and Xana is enjoying a piece of Lemmy-ChocketyBah. DeLeon Davies bursts into the cafe` and asks Thorne and Xana to help him in finding his daughter. Sixteen-year-old Netta has been kidnapped by a cult. She’s somehow managed to send a letter to her parents, asking them to help her.

The cult is run by someone who calls herself the Egyptian Goddess Renenet. So, the trio set to go on a rescue mission and everything turns out well. Nettie is rescued, end of the story. As if!!!! Nettie is rescued all right, but when she talks about the way women are treated in the cult, Xana sets up a plan to catch the self-proclaimed Egyptian Goddess red-handed. Hmm, now that sounds like something that Xana and Thorne would do!


The Tarot Mysteries is slowly turning out to be my favourite series. Xana and Thorne make quite a pair. The High Priestess Card is the third book in this series. We saw Thorne and Xana share a romantic gesture in the previous book. In this book, we see them working together as a couple. Everybody is surprised that they are a couple. Now, this is my kinda romance – the almost nil kinda romance. No PDA, no cheesy mushy stuff that would make me puke and everything behind the doors, hush-hush. 😉 How romantic!! Aww! (Not being sarcastic here; I dislike anything that’s mushy. Bleh!)

If I have compare the first three books in this series, I would definitely say The High Priestess is the best of the lot. The other two are good too, but in this story, we see Xana as a strong, independent woman who dons her superman superwoman suit and saves the world. Okay, not save the world, but she surely rescued a few vulnerable women.

The story takes a turn for good when Xana goes undercover. Wait, that’s not it. She’s gotta do some trainin’ before the D-Day. Brushing horses, some krav-maga moves and hiyaah! All this when her fractured ankle is being held tight with screws and bolts. Well, Thorne is around and will always be (aww!!!!) so Xana has nothing to fear. They plan to keep in touch when Xana enters the farmhouse (where the cult followers reside). No cellphones are allowed so how would they keep in touch? Through a tattoo. Not any ordinary tattoo, this. A tattoo through which you can place a call. Technology, babe! Tech-no-logy! After all, Xana lives in San Francisco.

Bevin Atkinson is a Tarot reader and she’s made sure that the cards receive all the limelight in this series. When Xana draws the cards for DeLeon, she makes sure to explain every card in detail. As someone who’s interested in Tarot and occult sciences, I really enjoy these detailed explanations of each card. In fact, I had a peek at Bevin’s website and she says she has plans to write a mystery on each of the 22 Major Arcanas. Wow!! There are six books as of now, 16 more to go. 😀

Quirky with a tinge of sarcasm, The High Priestess Card is a fun and entertaining read. I highly recommend this book and the rest of the books in this series.

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