The Ice Maid’s Tail by Mandy Morton

the ice maid's tail

Title: The Ice Maid’s Tail (The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency #8)

Author: Mandy Morton

Published on: 20th February 2020)

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This review is going to be different from my usual ones. The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency series features two cats – Hettie Bagshot and Tilly Jenkins as detectives. So I have decided to hand over the keyboard to my pet cat Miss Puddykins and she’s going to tell you guys what she thought about the story.

*Miss Puddykins yawns*

Raise your paws

Twitch your whiskers

Swish your tails

Coz` your favourite detectives Hettie Bagshot and Tilly Jenkins are here

They are going to solve a case that has close links to a fairy tale. Then there is the case of three missing kittens, not to mention, the snowfall that’s worsening with each passing day. It is quite pawsible that the kittens are kit-napped. Hettie and Tilly should find them before the three little kitties freeze to death.

Meow! Meow-wow! I absolutely love my feline sisters Hettie and Tilly. I grew up reading Agatha Crispy’s detective novels. Tilly and Hettie watching a couple of Agatha Crispy’s Miss Marble TV series brought back good old memories. I absolutely agree with my feline sisters, Joan Hiccup is the best person to play the role of Miss Marble. Our dear Joan Hiccup.

I never heard of the Ice Maid’s Tail before. But then, I don’t think my cat-mumma would have let me read such horror stories when I was a kitten. I was once chased by a mouse and I had nightmares for many cat-months. *Licks paws in agitation* Coming back to the story, Ice Maid’s Tail – the fairy tail in this book – brought shivers down my flexible spine. I did not realize that I had started to dig my claws on Rekha’s new pillow.


The story is absolutely fantastic. *wags tail* I was totally engrossed in the story from the start – so engrossed that I missed my catnap and my lunch. I was curious to know what happens next and my curiosity made me miss my lunch of chicken curry and rice. *Rekha says the chicken curry and rice was her lunch, not Miss Puddykins’. Puddykins flicks a claw in Rekha’s direction and Rekha walks away.*

I dug my claws into the new pillow further as Hettie and Tilly decide to meet a witch named Bombazine Bright. I am very scared of witches for a very pawticular reason but that’s a story for another day. The second half of the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I bit the claws off my paws as the suspense and tension reached an all-time high. I might have hissed once or twice – the ancient property of Wither-Fork woods surely brought some hisses outta me. Let’s brush this under the carpet and not talk about it, okay?

The snow and chilly weather didn’t dampen Hettie and Tilly’s spirits. Oh my meow, the kittens in the story are absolutely adorable. Kitty kisses to them! Anthea and Preston Munch – *hisses* – weird lot, I did not like them at all, not even a bit! Fluffy and Blackberry were such sweethearts. Blackberry is a wonderful cook, or so I have heard. I cannot wait to taste her world-famous cooking. *slurps and drools all over Rekha’s new pillow* Betty and Beryl’s delicious baked goodies made me drool. * drools again on the pillow* I think every cat must have a friend like Bruiser and Poppa in their nine lives. Red Scarlet, Bruiser’s scooter with a side-car must be fun to ride in!

The ending was absolutely brilliant. Paws’ well that ends well. *licks paws* Mandy Morton is one of my favourite authors. I really like the way she’s portrayed us cats. A true cat lover, our Mandy Morton. Paws up to you, Mandy. We cats meow you!

Rekha had a fun time reading out the story to me. She giggled at the mention of cats named Apple Chutney, Agatha Crispy and Miss Marble. I really did not understand what was so funny about it, but you know, human beings! A weird lot, them!

To all the cats and weird human beings reading this post, I pawbolutely recommend you to read The Ice Maid’s Tail by Mandy Morton. *blessed be the fur*

Meowy thanks to Duckworth Books/ Farrago for the ARC. Rekha and I pawbsolutely loved the story. We are looking forward to reading more of Hettie and Tilly’s adventures. *Here’s meow Miss Puddykins pawing off*

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