Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

jane doe

Title: Jane Doe (Jane Doe #1)

Author: Victoria Helen Stone

Published on: 1st August 2018

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I see the moment he first notices me. The slight double-take as he spots the new girl in the office. I don’t notice him in return. I make sure of it.

He’s a man who likes to think he’s in charge. He’s afraid of women who come on strong. How could you ever control a girl that bold? So I only watch through my lashes and keep my face turned toward my work.

Jane’s gotten a new job. She works as a data entry clerk at Midwest Insurance company. Her ‘prey’ is a middle-level manager named Steven Hepsworth. She seduces him. She takes it slow, minute by minute, day by day. She plays with him like a Tiger does with its prey. Why is she so hell-bound on making him suffer?

Jane ‘Doe’ is your average plain ‘Jane’. A little make-up and a peek of the lacy bra through her flowery dress, Jane seduces Steven. But she has something else in mind. She’s putting on an act of being a bimbo. What she wants is revenge.

Sociopath, sarcastic and funny, Jane is someone I liked from the beginning of the story. I absolutely loved her sarcastically funny remarks. Poor Steven is a misogynist jackass! Boohoo! He treats women like doormats. According to him, that is how they are supposed to be treated. Poor Stevie!


Jane’s love for her best friend Meg has made her revengeful. Meg committed suicide months ago. Jane is so devastated that she’s taken a sabbatical from her high-paying job in Malaysia and come to work at Steven’s office.

Jane is observant and thoughtful. The childhood trauma might have carved a few scars in her memory but she still knows how to love. Jane questions herself about ‘normal human behavior’. Why do some people act rude and arrogant? Why do people say hurtful things? Believe me, she gives the perfect answers to these questions! Jane can also read personalities. One look at a person and she knows what makes them tick.

Why am I talking about Jane and not the story? I do not want to reveal the plot and spoil the story for you. This is one book that I highly recommend. A thriller with a little bit of sarcasm, Jane Doe is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dark and disturbing with a tinge of sarcasm, Jane Doe is a riveting page-turner. If I have to sum it up in a sentence, I would say – Expect the Unexpected. The ending was a pleasant surprise. I certainly did not see it coming. I do not want to be rude (hence, I will be rude :P) but here it goes: Steven deserved it. Not just Steven, someone else too gets it right, left and center! Justice is served on a silver platter. 😀

Stone is a brilliant author. The plot slowly unravels to something sinister and piques the reader’s curiosity. Jane compares herself to a hunting feline – the perfect description of Jane’s “Goal”.

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