Flower Power Trip by James J. Cudney IV


Title: Flower Power Trip (Braxton Campus Mysteries #3)

Author: James J. Cudney IV

Published on: 30th March 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s been more than a year since I read the Braxton Campus series. I have missed out a lot and am finally catching up on Kellan’s adventures.

Maggie – Kellan’s ex girlfriend – is hosting a masquerade ball to raise money for the memorial library. Her family owns the local inn but she’s the only one who chose not to go into the family business. (Her three sisters work at the inn) Helena, Maggie’s sister cannot seem to keep her eyes set on one handsome man in Braxton. She flirts with Kellan and is currently dating Cheney Stoddard.

The Stoddards have recently moved to Braxton and their restaurant is famous already. Mrs Stoddard runs an event management business and the masquerade ball is one of her assignments. At the masquerade ball, Kellan stumbles across a dead body. So very Kellan-y!!

Ursula Power is being stalked by someone – this someone knows her past and is threatening to pull her down. Kellan helps Ursula and in the process, uncovers a dark secret. A murder, strange postcards arriving every week and a flower exhibit, Kellan cannot decide which mystery takes more precedence in his life.

I read the first two books in this series in 2018 and couldn’t catch up with the next three released in 2019. 2020 seems to be the year of stop-procrastinating-and-start-reading so I am finally catching up with this series. 😀


I love James’ writing. As I read through this book, it felt like a movie playing in my head. There are a lot of female characters in this series and each one of them are portrayed as strong and independent. I really love such characters. Speaking of characters, Myriam is downright rude to Kellan and this is why she’s my favorite in this series. Okay, jokes apart, I like April (the sheriff) the best. All right, no more jokes. I like, um, Francesca? 😉 (For those who are not familiar with this series, Francesca is Kellan’s ‘dead’ wife)

At some point in the story, almost everyone becomes a suspect. The Stoddards are acting strange. Helena and the dead man had a tiff (before he was declared dead, that is!). Ursula seems to be in a sticky situation and Myriam is being such a pain in the backside! April is no better. If I have to describe April, I would say she’s like the weather in Bangalore! When it’s hot, it’s freakishly hot, and before you know, it gets cold and windy! April is sometimes sweet and nice to Kellan and suddenly she goes all cold and rude! Hah!

I really like the way this series is building up. Kellan’s grown a lot, as a father and as an amateur sleuth. Things are going to get icky for Kellan as the series proceeds, that’s for sure. Not just Kellan, Eleanor (his sister), Emma (his daughter) and Nana D (his grandmother) – each of these have a story of their own and I an eager to know what’s next in store for them. Then there is the mob-family angle that April’s going to investigate and she wants Kellan to help her. Now, that’s not going to be easy, especially with Francesca’s um, re*cough*bir*cough*th*cough cough*

Overall, Flower Power Trip was an enjoyable read. A tad slower at pacing but an enjoyable and interesting read. Each book in this series ends with a teeny weeny cliffhanger so if you are new to this series, I recommend you to read the previous books in this series first.

4 thoughts on “Flower Power Trip by James J. Cudney IV

  1. Oh, what a beautiful review to read this morning. Thank you so much.
    I love your writing style in these reviews… with the coughs and the favorites. Makes the series seem so amazing and fun to read. Much appreciation.
    It all comes to a major head in the next one too. 🙂
    Can’t wait to share. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, James 🙂🙂
      I hope I can read the next two before the release of Frozen Stiff Drink.🤞

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