New Beginnings at Wynter House by Emily Harvale

new beginnings at wynter house


Neva Grey’s Christmas brought along many surprises and probably ‘the one’ – Rafe Wynter. As New Year begins, there are lots of surprises and shockers in store for our dear Neva.

Adam and Rafe act weird when they see a ginger-haired teenager. As they confront their grandmother about it, a dark secret of their father comes into picture. Meanwhile, Jo is having problems with her fiance` Rob. Her would be monster-in-law is being a pain in the backside! Rob has turned into a lazy-bumish-snob!

Olivia has a health scare and a nurse is appointed to look after her. Hazel, the buxom babe nurse is pretty, pretty, pretty! Then comes Amelia Goodbody – as her name suggests, she does have a very good body! Adam is spoiled for choices! Hazel, Amelia or Jo, whom would he choose?

Neva and Rafe are going pretty strong. Meanwhile, Sasha blurts out things that must be kept…um, in the bedroom? (Bedroom stories, you see)


New Beginnings at Wynter House is the second book in Wyntersleap series. I was all praises and praises for the first book – Christmas at Wynter House.

I was waiting to see what’s next in store for Rafe and Neva. They are going pretty strong and Rafe doesn’t care for Amelia. Thank god for that! I absolutely enjoyed New Beginnings at Wynter House. As the title suggests, there are ‘new beginnings’ – for Jo, Adam, Olivia, Hazel, Neva, Rafe and the Greys.

If you have read the first book, you would know that Jo and Neva converse through phone calls. Jo’s been having a tough time with Rob and his family. Things change shortly afterwards and Jo is waiting to meet the handsome hunk called Adam. One night stands? Jo is in for it!

I disliked Amelia from the moment she entered Wynter house. How dare she ‘mistake’ Neva for a member of the staff. She has her eyes (and claws) set on Rafe – he’s the owner of Wynter house, you see – never go for the second best(Adam)! Adam’s love life takes a turn for worse – or good, as the story ends. πŸ˜€

New Beginnings at Wynter House is an absolutely entertaining story. I am waiting to see what’s next for the Wynters – the big revelations are done as the story ends.




Plot/Story: 4/5

Character Development: 4.5/5

Ending: 4/5


Overall Rating: 4/5




Title: New Beginnings at Wynter House (Wyntersleap Series #2)

Author: Emily Harvale

Published on: 17th January 2020

Genre: Romance, Chick-lit

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