Do It Today by Darius Foroux

do it today


Do It Today: Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity and Achieve More Meaningful Things

I am disappointed for having chosen this book as my weekly nonfiction read.

Procrastination is something we all do. We ‘dream’ of doing this, that and everything else. When it is time to stop thinking and start doing, we say ‘hey, let’s do it later/tomorrow’. Don’t tell me you have never procrastinated, like never ever!

I used to follow Foroux’s articles on medium before. I have read his first book and I had good opinions about it. However, I cannot say the same for this book.

The writing seemed off in the first two chapters. Some grammatical error which could have been corrected before publishing the book.

Coming to the content, there are a handful of topics that are good. Like, the author speaks of maintaining an evening routine- journaling, planning the next day and so on. There’s another topic on how exercise helps keep stress away. But rest of the topics are¬†okay – nothing great but you could glance through.

Then comes the links. Gosh, I hate links in a book! If hate is a strong word, so be it. I understand the marketing strategy but I found so many links to “I wrote this topic on my blog”; “I spoke about blah blah here”. This was so off-putting! Links to the author’s blog posts, podcasts and whatnots. I understand this book is a collection of his articles but it could do without the links.

In the first page, the author mentions his readers can skip irrelevant topics or skim through the book. Hmm…

I borrowed this book from KU after seeing a lot of 5-starred reviews. I have tried not to be harsh in my review but I might have failed. I am disappointed with this book. When it comes to topics like how-to’s and stuff, I keep my expectations high. I prefer quality of content over the content. This book has quantity alright, but the quality of content – not very impressive! I skimmed through a few topics and finally gave up at 50% through the book.

In brief, the book doesn’t follow a theme. Random articles and a couple of unrelated topics, this is certainly a not recommended read from me.

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