The Berlin Spy Trap by Geoffery Davison

the berlin spy trap

John Stack wakes up and finds himself in a hotel room in Spain. His head hurts and he doesn’t remember how he ended up in the hotel room or where he was before. He remembers his wife – soon to be ex – Sue. He also remembers that he works for the British Intelligence. He has to go to Berlin as soon as possible.

A doctor by the name of Lorenzo helps him to escape to Berlin on one condition. He’s to take an Israeli citizen, Lehna Rossier, to East Germany. John agrees but he isn’t convinced if Lorenzo is who he claims to be.

I have read a couple of spy thrillers over the years. Somehow, The Berlin Spy Trap wasn’t the story for me.

The story starts on a good note and I kept my expectations high. John Stack wakes up in a hotel room with no memory – sounds like a Bourne movie, doesn’t it? John remembers a few things – only the last few weeks are blank.

As he reaches Paris and meets Lehna, his memory seems to be back! Just like that. No explanations are given. He talks of a press conference and whatnots, I felt lost here. As a reader, I was supposed to assume that his memory’s back. The character portrayal is so-so. As a spy thriller, one can expect double-crossing and so on. John Stack as a spy – Nah! The ‘mystery’ part of the story was missing.

I could not connect with the characters. Or even the story for that matter. But I was curious to know what happens next. I am disappointed with the story. The concept was pretty good but it is a poorly constructed story. Loopholes in the plot and weakly portrayed characters, definitely not my cup of tea! The only reason I chose to read this book was because of the good ratings on Amazon. Looks like I didn’t like what I chose!

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