A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

a caribbean mystery


Miss Marple is basking in the tropical sunshine. The warm weather eases her rheumatism but is Caribbeans a paradise? Not this time. Major Palgrave tells Miss Marple a story of a murderer who escaped the law. He’s about to show her a photo of the man when he sees something (or someone) and changes the topic midway.

The next morning, Miss Marple hears of Major Palgrave’s death. She isn’t convinced that the major died a natural death. She asks the doctor to look for the photograph that the Major was about to show her. But it’s nowhere to be found. When another body is found, Miss Marple suspects of a killer in prowl.

I read a Miss Marple mystery after a long, long time. Kate and I did a buddy read and this was a re-read for both of us. We had so much fun discussing the story. You can read our discussion here.

When it comes to Christie’s detectives, Poirot is my favourite. Miss Marple – not so much; she’s nosey to the, um, N? Using gossip as a means to solve the crime might be called good amateur sleuthing but it isn’t my kinda sleuthing. Having said that, there are a couple of Miss Marple titles I have really enjoyed and would re-read them anytime.

The story starts on a good note, becomes a tad dull halfway and before you know, Miss Marple solves the case. In other words, this story has an abrupt ending. The characters are portrayed in such a way that the reader finds it hard to point out the killer. Mrs Hillingdon, Mrs Dyson and Mrs Esters – these of these ladies play quite a role. Evelyn especially, when she ‘tries to poison’ Molly Kendal’s thought process. Poor Molly has been having bouts of memory loss and she thinks she might be losing her mind.

Jackson, Mr Rafiel’s nurse is snoopy. Looks into his employer’s belongings when no one’s around. *Spoiler alert* But as the story ends, Miss Marple asks for his help and this was quite a shocker for me. Wasn’t Jackson supposed to be the bad guy here?

The tension is well built and the red herrings do their job of pointing a reader in the wrong direction. Having said that, the tension was at its all-time high in the last few chapters and the abrupt ending did not do justice. But, the clues were all there and yet, like Miss Marple, I too sidelined them as ‘unwanted information’. πŸ˜‰

Overall, A Caribbean Mystery is a good read. If you haven’t read any of Miss Marple series before, I wouldn’t recommend this book as your first read. Would I re-read this again? Maybe not; not for another 5-6 years at least.




Plot/Story: 3.5/5

Character Development: 3.5/5

Ending: 3/5


Overall Rating: 3.5/5




Title: A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple #10)

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Crime and Mystery

Purchase Links (affiliates): Amazon.com | Book Depository


Featured Image Credits: Goodreads

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      1. Joan Hickinson as Miss Marple isn’t it? I think she’s the best person to play Marple’s role. 😁

      2. I know!! She’s the perfect Marple! And yes…that’s the version! So good!

      1. I thought Marple will never solve it. she finds the woman with the blond hair on the beach and things fall into place.😁

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