Murder on the Mullet Express by Gwen Mayo

murder on the mullet express

Title: Murder on the Mullet Express

Author: Gwen Mayo, Sarah E. Glenn

Published on: 16th January 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery (Historical)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Corniela Pettijohn is on the way to Homosassa with her uncle Percival Pettijohn and friend Teddy Lawless. Their car breaks down halfway and they continue the rest of their journey by train – The Mullet Express. The Mullet Express is called so because big boxes of mullet are packed and sent to various places via train.

At the station, they witness a fight between two men – Janzen and Hoffstetter. The fight ends with a blow to Janzen’s abdomen. Throughout the train journey, Janzen makes multiple trips to the loo. Cornelia and Teddy met at the war – they were both stationed at various locations as nurses. Teddy had to leave midway due to a gas attack that left her with weak lungs. Cornelia doubts if Mr Janzen has had a case of internal bleeding. The next day, Mr Janzen is found to be very ill and dies shortly after.

The local police is called in to investigate. Uncle Percival becomes the main suspect in Janzen’s murder. The local police doesn’t want to look into other suspects so Cornelia decides to prove her uncle’s innocence.


I have mixed opinions about this book. The story was good enough but I cannot say the same about character development. As a debut in the series, I expected to know more about the three main characters- Cornelia, Teddy and Percival. As the story proceeds, the reader is given a gist of their past but somehow, it felt a tad off.

With a lot of characters in the story, I had a hard time remembering who’s who. The characters and their side-stories might have made the story engaging but this didn’t work for me. I found the story to be descriptive at times.

Uncle Percival disappears at times and is very secretive – although this brings about an element of suspense in the story, I didn’t like Uncle Percival or his doings. Corny and Teddy are well-portrayed. I liked Teddy more than Corny – Corny is the serious one while Teddy is happy-go-lucky types.

Overall, this was an okay read. I will be reading and reviewing the next book in this series as a part of the blog tour. Hope I will like it better than this one.

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